Life doesn't come with a manual... it comes with a mother. My mother is the unspoken hero of our family, who does not get all the recognition that she deserves. Although my mom might be completely insane — but whose mom isn't — she's crazy because she loves us all so much. I always seem to forget to thank my mom for everything, and I mean everything, that she does for me

So, Mom... This is for you.

Thank you for always doing my hair when I was younger.

My hair is comparable to a lions mane — thick and wavy. It's the kind of hair that never dries the same way. So getting my hair into those cheer ponytails— which literally gives you a facelift — and the dance buns which were perfectly in the middle and had no flyaways at all was not an easy task. But she always made sure my hair was perfect for performance.

Thank you for always waking me up when I sleep through my alarm.

Not that it happens frequently, but sometimes it does. I wake up late due to forgetting to set an alarm, I stayed up late and just cannot wake up, or the mere fact that I just didn't know I had to wake up so early. She comes running down the stairs, wakes me up and makes sure I'm out the door on time.

Thank you for always picking out my dresses when I can't decide.

There's been plenty of events such as my sweet sixteen, graduation, my graduation party, and countless weddings, where I just have I idea what to wear. Do I go sexy, cute or simple? Do I go long, short, open back or sweetheart neckline? I just cannot make up my mind cause I like them all. So here comes mom to the rescue again and picks out which one looks the best on me.

Thank you for always taking care of me when I'm deathly ill, even though you'll probably get sick too.

I can be vomiting and have a fever of 103.2 and my mom is still bringing me Gatorade and toast making sure that I'm OK. Even when I was at college two and a half hours away, she would ship me medicine and gear to help me get better as soon as possible. Although she almost gets sick every time, she continues to put herself at risk to make sure I get better quickly.

Thank you for being my go-to sidekick during cheer season.

Although you may think I'm your sidekick, at the same time you're mine. You're the person I go to when I'm just so frustrated that the girls are not getting something, although they always seem to change my mind and get it done. You are there for me when I am at my breaking point with parents, other coaches, and cheerleaders and just need a minor break.

Thank you for giving me someone to make proud.

It is very difficult to be able to work hard when you only have yourself to make proud. But when you have someone else to make proud, it becomes easier. When I get an A on a paper or a 90 on an exam, it makes me want to come home and show you just to see the smile on your face.

Thank you for showing up and supporting me throughout my dance career.

My mom has always supported me throughout all the sport that I have competed in. Whether those be soccer, softball, cheerleading, and dance. Even when I had my appendix out two weeks before my university's dance team spring recital and I was not performing at my best, she drove the two and a half hours to my school to watch and take videos like Regina George's mom in "Mean Girls."

Thank you for not chewing me a new one when I forget to do the chores you assigned me.

Although this may be a weekly thing or occasion with me, whenever I get home I am not met with a screaming mom. You greet me and tell me to go and do the chores I forgot, whether it be passive aggressive or just normally delivered.

Thank you for always controlling my temper.

Whether I'm enraged by my younger sister moving at the pace of molasses 24/7 — or because someone is extremely rude to me — you tell me to just let it go because they will not change their ways. Although most times I still am mad, my mom helps me not say something I will regret later.

Thank you for being the same shirt, pants, dress and shoe size as me.

Having a parent that's the same size as you is extremely helpful when you cannot figure out what to wear. I just go shopping in her closet and figure out what I want. When I do not have certain shoes to go with my dress or outfit, upstairs I go to pick out the perfect pair.

Thank you for being the best mom any little girl could ask for.