A Thank You To Summer Break
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A Thank You To Summer Break

Because you can't spell 'summer' without 'u'!

A Thank You To Summer Break

I am sure that I was not the only one that was counting down the days until I waved goodbye to my shoe box of a dorm room and entered into the time of endless opportunities that I like to colloquially call summer. Surviving spring semester was quite the accomplishment, and this lovely break has been and will continue to be the well-deserved reward.

I'm not sure that summer realizes how awesome it is, so I found it only fitting to put my gratitude into a letter.

Dear Summer,

Thank you for giving me the time to make money just so I can spend it all next semester. Let's be real, most of us probably ended this school year with very minimal if not a cent to our names. If you were anything like me, and were not, for whatever reason, able to have a job during the academic school year, having a summer job lined up for me the day I returned home was an absolute blessing. Although I know the words "I can't, I have work," will escape my mouth or be typed out on my phone an excessive amount of times, I don't mind all too much, because I need the money. I need every cent I can get because I have become very talented at spending it once at school.

Thank you for all of the amazing concerts. Concerts are just that much better if they happen throughout the summertime. So many amazing acts have been announced in the area to the point where it is overwhelming, and I am no longer able to keep track of all of the awesome concerts I can't afford to go to! Nonetheless, concerts are one of the best ways to spend lovely, warm, summer nights with friends.

Thank you for letting me catch up with my friends from home. It was sad while I was away at college to come to terms with the fact that the people that I called my best friends in high school I no longer was able to see on a consistent basis. I then had to make a considerable effort that had to be reciprocated to keep in touch. It was tough to watch some friendships that meant the world to me slowly fade away. Now with summer being here, and all of us being home, I am lucky to be reunited with all of these people. I can not only strengthen the friendships that I was able to maintain, but I am also given the chance to resurrect the friendships that may have inevitably struggled.

Thank you for giving me the chance to make each and every day count. We don't have to worry about grades, or classes, or attendance, or anything like that. We have very minimal responsibilities, and a significant amount of time to take advantage of until we have to go back to those responsibilities. You're crazy if you don't have a summer bucket list, whether it be on paper or in your head. We have long days with beautiful weather with amazing friends and family--do something different each and every day and make them all ones to remember.

Thank you for allowing me the time to find myself and to love myself. It is so easy to lose yourself during the school year or to doubt yourself and your abilities. Sometimes you unknowingly can convince yourself that your happiness and self-worth are dependent upon other people, and that is most certainly not the case. Let summer be the time where you put yourself in the spotlight, and let no one else be able to take that spot. Make this summer about you, learning to recognize, love, and appreciate all that you have to offer, and then don't be afraid to show that off.


A broke (but soon to not be) college student who is thankful for you... if you could not tell already.

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