It started my sophomore year of high school when my AP world history teacher would praise his job every day. This is the first time a teacher ever spoke highly of their job around students. Until this moment I never knew if I would love teaching but I knew if Coach Blackmon loved it I would too.

When I told him I wanted to go into teaching in the future, he was over the moon for me. I felt so supported in my career proclamation. Every day in class after that he would make a proud comment on how I would be a future educator. The encouragement boosted my spirits in the midst of trying to get through my sophomore and later junior year. To this day even though I do not have Blackmon as a teacher I know he supports me in my teaching endeavor.

As I discovered more of a specific path for my future I had my Spanish teacher Mrs. Carpentieri give me guidance and support for the past three years. I want to teach English aboard which is what she did in Mexico before moving with her husband to Georgia.

She explained to me how that since I have a passion for Spanish it will make it a bit easier, but there still will be challenges. How culture shock is real, that I will have to change my expectations, and many other things along with her looked at me with pride of how far I have come in these three years. She explained to me how to strengthen my language skills and has always been an amazing person to get feedback from in all areas of life.

The other teacher who has inspired me to teach is my other Spanish teacher Mrs. Droms. She has given me kind words about being a gringa that majors in Spanish and Education and living abroad tips. She gave me the opportunity this summer to go to Peru. I will be forever grateful because of her and my parents I can see an amazing country. Her helpful hints and guidance allowed me to settle on my majors of Spanish and Education.

Thank you to all of my teacher who has helped me get to this part of my journey. I am so grateful for all of the work you do every day.