Dear Ex,

If you're my ex this one is for you. It may have taken a while for me to get to this point in my life after you ruined me in every way you possibly could, but I am here now. First of all, thank you for everything you did when things were good. When things were good, things were really good and I was happy at those moments, thank you for those bursts of happiness because we both know that happiness did not last long. But, also thank you for the things you did when we weren't good, yes I am thanking you for all the pain.

If it was not for that pain, I would have not been able to learn my true worth, you know the worth that you never saw? I would have never been able to overcome my biggest insecurity, you know the ones you reminded me of every day? I would have never been able to achieve my dreams or even follow them, you know the ones you discouraged me from doing by telling me how stupid they were?

This letter isn't because I miss you or even love you anymore really this is a message for you to read and know that what you say and do no longer affects me. You have no more power over me anymore. I used to hold your opinion of me and the things I did so high, but that was so crazy of me to even think for one second you deserved that power. Maybe you were immature when we were together and you've grown into a better person, but I doubt someone who had your mindset could EVER see themselves as wrong or that you needed to grow up. But without you I really wouldn't be the person I am today, so thank you for making me stronger than I ever could be with you, happier than I ever could be with you, and so much more. You allowed me to find myself and I have never been more grateful to have had my heart broken, because if you were still around I probably would still be crying over the fact that you told me that my dreams were stupid. By biggest mistakes wasn't being with you, my biggest mistake was ever trusting you, giving you power you never deserved, loving you like I did. I wouldn't change it because if I did, I wouldn't be able to be who I am today, and I have never loved myself more than I do today. If there was anything I miss, I miss your family, your dog they treated me way better than you ever did. They showed me how I hope my future in-laws will be. People say you really learn a lot in a heart break, and they are right. I learned a lot since you left my life, and at first I thought you leaving was going to be the WORST thing to ever happen to me. I really loved you, I gave you the love you didn't deserve. Considering you took what you had for granted, I am sure you didn't realize how silly it was by leaving me but I am sure you do now.

If there was advice I could give you today, it'd be treat your next girl with unconditional love, don't cheat on her, don't call her out for her insecurities and definitely never tell her that you still want to be with her even though because she gained weight you aren't attracted to her anymore. Don't talk to her like you spoke to me. Don't lie to her. Remind her how beautiful she is every single day and love every ounce of her.


Your happier without you Ex