A Thank You Note To Coffee

A Thank You Note To Coffee

To the one whose presence in my life changed everything for the better, thank you.


Dear my most loyal companion,

Our love story is grand, sweet and sometimes bitter. Our teamwork and dependency has only grown with time and looking back, I consider myself so very lucky to have met you. Sometimes I'll come across someone who has never been graced with your presence or doesn't appreciate who you are and it blows my mind. I simply cannot imagine who I would be in this lifetime if it weren't for you.

I think we were destined to have met each other. I observed you from afar even before we met. I saw you hanging out with all the people I looked up to as a child. I saw my beautiful mother leaving for work with you and all the people waiting in lines just to see you. When I was little, you seemed so far out of reach, so sophisticated and bold. Even before meeting you face to face, I knew I already loved you. As a child, I loved the thought of you. None of that compares though, to the friendship we now have. Now, when I picture myself at my best, you are by my side.

I cherish you like no other, truthfully. In the morning, when the sun wakes me up and my senses come to life again, I think only of you. I feel both physically and mentally weak without you (which I can't say that that is super healthy, but we're rolling with it). You are the best boost on a bad day, the most stable side-kick in every way. I feel best with you, holding you, spending time with you. I feel like I can do anything, climb the tallest mountain, persevere through the largest struggle, fight the craziest battle. You are so loyal and sweet to me. You change depending on my mood; an amazing talent that too often goes under appreciated in my opinion. You meet me wherever I am, at the mall, at my house, at a restaurant. You're so selfless, always putting my feelings before your own. If I'm feeling bitter, you're bitter, if I'm feeling sweet, you're sweet, if I'm feeling spicy, you're spicy. You hype me up for each day and prepare me for whatever may come.

I don't know what I'd do without you, who'd I be. Cranky and rude, no doubt. You complete me, you really do. I see you everyday and we have some of the best moments together. You're there with me listening to tunes on the road, doing work at school, cleaning on the weekends. You're always there, no matter what. You're there when I'm happy and there when I'm sad. It's so easy to laugh when we're together. You're easily the best shopping partner I've ever met. You're without a doubt the most festive during any holiday season which makes for fun all year round. And while you can go all out, you can also stay humble and simple in the chaos this life tends to bring.

You have taught me so much about friendship. Through you, I have seen loyalty, kindness, and flexibility. You are always there for me, no matter my mood or where I am. You still show up for me when no one else can. My morning breath never pushes you away, nor does my bedhead. My mood swings don't affect you, my midday aggravation only brings you closer. You are so stable in my often crumbling life. With you, my cup is always full. You are my daily reminder to keep going. Coffee, my beloved coffee, I have an infinite amount of love for you. You give me so much, I really do not deserve it. Every time I hold you, I am reminded of all of the above. Thank you for all you do for me.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Your appreciative friend,

Mikayla Woolwine.

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