We all know that having a roommate in college can either go three ways: you either hate your roommate, you're content with coexisting with him or her, or you guys end up being best friends. For me, it's the latter, and I'm so grateful for it. This is an appreciation letter to my roomie: every time I turn around, you're the first person I see. As this year comes to a close, I just wanted to say thank you, and I don't know what I did to deserve you.

To be honest, I was terrified going into sophomore year because I wasn't sure if we would vibe well together as roommates. I'm sure that a lot of people can relate to this feeling. It's always a risk when you choose to live with one of your friends. But, as soon as this semester started, we actually ended up getting along together really well, blasting Frank Ocean late into the night, and becoming each other's support system in times of both academic stress and personal life struggles. Becoming your roommate has been an unexpected surprise that has become a significant part of my college experience so far.

Most people think that in middle school, you find your best friend, and nothing could ever top that bond that you two share. Then high school comes along, and you have this gut feeling that these people are your ride or dies, that all the teenage angst you shared is irreplaceable. But in college, a roommate sees all the other stuff that your best friends from the past haven't gotten a glimpse of. A roommate truly sees all the good and bad: the highlights and sorrows of each day, your deepest insecurities about your body and self in general, the occasional mental breakdown, your stupid dance moves in the middle of the night, and all the junk food you stash under your bed. Many times, your classmates and friends in college only get a glimpse of your life's highlight reel, but a roommate knows what happens "behind the scenes," including all of your bloopers.

I just want to say thank you to my roommate because despite experiencing way too many of my life's bloopers and craziness, you still accept me anyway. Thank you because when I was so upset that one day at the beginning of the semester, and you didn't even know the reason why, but you left me a care package and a note reminding me that you were still there. Thank you for attempting to wake me up when I randomly pass out in the middle of the night and have to finish work for the next day. You joined me in my Christmas decorating extra-ness and transformed our room into a Christmas wonderland. I will never forget the time you helped me find my wallet on the weekend bus when I was so stupid and accidentally left it on there. You go the extra mile and do so much more than fill the role of a roommate.

Like I mentioned before, you could be feeling the opposite-maybe you're even a little disappointed with your living situation this year. But know this, having a roommate is something that has a huge impact on your college experience. Regardless of whether or not you guys are best friends, when something bad happens, who's the first person you turn to? When you're upset about yet another RU Screw or stressed about school, she's the first person who observes the frustration on your face. A roommate knows every quirk, your favorite and most hated foods, your living habits, whether or not you sing in the shower, everything. There's still a little piece of you that will always be protective of your roommate. Besides, what else can you do? We're stuck with each other anyway. To my roomie: I'm sorry you're stuck with me, but I'm so grateful for it.