Thank you Rowan!
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A Quick And sappy 'thanks' to my alma mater

Wow, it feels weird to say that.

Rowan University

In two short years, you gave me so many memories! I never realized just how much of an impact going away for college has on your life.

As I walked across the stage, I wanted nothing more but to be done. However, now I have begun to realize just what Rowan did for me. When I was younger, I watched from afar as my sister and brother both went away to school, saw the friendships they made, and the memories they had. I wanted so badly to have that, too!

Rowan gave me everything I could have ever wished for in just two short years.

You were my "home away from home." I sometimes catch myself wondering if it would have been different had I gone there all four years, rather than transferring in.

Would I have gone down a different path than the one I did? Would I have the same friends? But then I realize I would not want to change my experience, not even in the slightest.

While at school, I worked in probably the best office I'll ever get the chance to work at. I met so many new people, many of which I would later come to think of as a second family. Not only that, but I made so many new friends!

I was finally living out my life, just as I had seen my sister and brother do before me. I could not have been happier. I am beyond grateful for the opportunities that Rowan and the people there have given me. I would not be who I am today without them.

Yes, my time there was short, and yes, it had its ups and downs. But I would never want to change my experience.

I have been graduated for a month, and I have been back on campus twice since then. I can't seem to stay away. But every time I return to campus, my brain is flooded with the thousands of memories I was able to make during my time there. I look at the place where I spent so much time and smile.

I can now understand how my dad feels when he returns to Rowan as a Glassboro State Alumni, especially when he reminisces about his time as a student.

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