Look around and seriously consider the lack of female representation in powerful positions such as law firms, legislators, and Fortune 500 companies. Why is that? And why are we so quick to think that motherhood is the reason for this issue?

At this year's "Power of Women" event hosted by Variety, Natalie Portman stirred the room with an emotional and fact-driven argument which meticulously outlines the cause and solution to fixing this deeply rooted issue in society.

She compares the equitable representation of both men and women across the university and graduate schooling degrees, however, once a woman enters the workplace, this balance of the genders teeters to one side. This side being men.

And the sad part is that we have been groomed to agree with the sheep-like attitude of, "Well, a woman is supposed to stay home and take care of the children and be the homemaker." Well, how does one explain the years and money invested in further education for women to pursue a degree such as law? This can easily set a person back $250,000, so why would a woman be so quick to just pack up her briefcase and call it quits over the birth of a child?

No, this is simply a symptom of the problem. Not the problem itself. The problem being the lack of partner support in rearing the child.

Moreover, it is more likely that a woman would stay in her job for the sake of her children than to leave for her children.

So please, as Natalie Portman says, "Let's stop saying that women are dropping out of the workforce to take care of their families because that is wrong...wrong."

And let's all reconsider a growing issue within society which regards women as just housewives. As stated Natalie Portman's philanthropic organization, "Time's up." And yes, the time is up.

Watch the complete speech here.