Even if you aren’t make up obsessed I am sure you haven’t been able to go a day on social media without seeing the beauty brand “Fenty” since it was launched. For everyone who has positioned themselves under a rock, Fenty is Rihanna’s new makeup line and I have to say personally, I am impressed. No, I have not used any of her products, but I am impressed in a whole different way.

I am a pale, white, redhead who has never had an issue finding her shade when it comes to makeup. Honestly, I just take the lightest foundation I can find and more times than not, it’s just about a perfect fit. I have never had an issue being able to find the makeup I need and to be totally honest, I didn’t realize anyone would have an issue. I have never thought outside of my world when it comes to makeup because I’ve thankfully never had an issue. Maybe that makes me ignorant or uneducated, but I am here to say thank you Fenty, because I am sure I am not the only one who needed to open their eyes.

So thank you Fenty beauty products. I am stunned to think that I have gone this long without realizing that some people are unable to find their shades of makeup. I have gone 21 years blinded to the fact that something I love so much such as makeup, could have had this insane diversity I’ve never noticed. So thank you Fenty, for opening my eyes to this issue.

My mind is still blown that on her first launch Rihanna released 40 different shades of foundation! Too many celebrities just slap their name on a makeup formula and sadly it sells because fame sells. Too many fans spend money on makeup products that are not worth the price tag just because of the name attached. So the fact a celebrity who could have just slapped her name on a bottle and made so much money took the time to grow and make her line different, makes me so happy.

The makeup community needed something like this. The makeup community needed something to open their eyes. The makeup community needed a solution to a problem that does not get enough attention.

So thank you Fenty and thank you Rihanna for opening my eyes to an issue I have never recognized before.