Thank you College...

Thank you College...

For the best 4 years of my life.


For a lot of students, college is just college. You go to your classes, graduate, and then step out into the real world. I don't think many of us realize how much of a significant impact that college has made on us, but I definitely have. I can honestly say without a doubt that I would not be where I am today without my college experience. For that, I owe a huge thank you.

Thank you Bridgewater State for shaping me into the adult that I am today and for giving me professors that truly cared about my success and didn't see me as just a student. Thank you for instilling in me the confidence to keep trying my best and working my hardest. Thank you for opening doors to so many opportunities and thank you for setting me up for the future.

Thank you for being the place where I discovered myself. I came out of my shell and became the best version of myself on campus. I also got to be a part of so many memorable experiences and one-of-a-kind opportunities that I don't think I would have found anywhere else.

Thank you for the weird icebreaker activities freshman year. Thank you for the sleepless nights and countless hours studying and doing homework. Thank you for the Shea Durgin dorm hall, where I met some of the greatest people that I am best friends with today. Thank you for the house parties every Thursday and Saturday. Thank you for Barrett's every Friday of senior year. Thank you for Springfest every year. Thank you for all the good times.

Lastly but most importantly, thank you for the amazing friendships that I have made. Bridgewater State was my second home and the friends that I made there have become my second family. We have all been through so much together and supported each other through everything. Thank you for all the laughs and unforgettable memories. I would have not survived college without you all by my side and I am so thankful to have made such amazing lifelong friends.

Thank you for everything.

A special thanks to my amazing parents for providing me with this opportunity. Without them, I would have never been able to attend this school.

Bridgewater State University Graduate, Class of 2019

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