Thank you Beth, for teaching how to be a strong woman.
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Thank You Beth Chapman For Teaching Me Sass, You Will Be Missed

She was sass, humor, and always had the biggest heart.

Thank You Beth Chapman For Teaching Me Sass, You Will Be Missed

"Dog the Bounty Hunter" was one of my favorite shows to watch growing up. Most kids my age were watching cartoons and Disney shows. I was watching Duane "Dog " Chapman and his family roam around Hawaii bringing in the bad guys. My favorite family member was, of course, Beth Chapman. She was sass, humor, and always had the biggest heart. She always tried to see the good in all the people that the family caught. She tried to convince them to do the right thing and turn their life around for a better future for them self and their family. She's was inspiring. She had the biggest hair and most extraordinary nails. Not to mention the flashy outfits that you wouldn't normally picture someone wearing as a bounty hunter, but she always made them work. It was her confidence that shined through and made fans love her.

I watched that show for years. The Chapman family went through so many up and downs that a great deal of which was televised. One life event in particular that I didn't watch was the one that showcased Beth with her first case of throat cancer. She was first diagnosed in 2017 with the throat cancer and went through a 13-hour surgery to remove a tumor. I couldn't get myself to watch it because it was too sad. Someone who I always saw as being this amazingly strong individual was now going through the worst moment of her life. It was hard to comprehend. I knew they had decided to televise the experience to show that they know how much their fans love keeping up with their lives, especially personal manners. But for me, I just couldn't get myself to watch the pain. I would see some photos of what was televised and would be in complete shock. Beth no longer looked like the strong sassy women that I grew up with. She still had the big hair and nails done, but you could easily tell that she was in some serious pain.

Earlier this year, Beth's throat cancer came back and more furious. For some reason this time around I knew she might not make it. This time around I kept watch of updates about her condition and photos of her in the hospital. I could tell that she was extremely sick, but she still always had her hair and especially her nails done. It would have been a complete shock to see her not have her nails done through all of this.

Beth Chapman passed away the morning of June 26. Dog posted on Twitter the morning of her passing "It's 5:32 in Hawaii, this is the time she would wake up to go hike Koko Head mountain. Only today, she hiked the stairway to heaven. We all love you, Beth. See you on the other side."

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