A Countdown to the Best Song on the 'Thank U, Next' Album

A Countdown to the Best Song on the 'Thank U, Next' Album

I truly believe each song is a cinematic masterpiece.


The Thank U Next album by Ariana Grande was recently released and everyone can't stop talking about it. Being a naturally curious person, I decided that I would check out the notorious album. I spent two weeks jamming out to this album in my car, so I believe I can confidently list these songs from worst to best. This task was very hard to accomplish because I truly believe each song is a cinematic masterpiece.

12. Bloodline

This is a great song, but I don't think it's for me. The only part I really like is the bridge because it's very easy to catch on to and enjoy. That's not to say that this song is bad, I just don't enjoy it as much as the others on this album.

11. Thank U Next


I am not bashing this song, in fact, I enjoy the lyrics a lot, but compared to the other songs on this album, Thank U Next doesn't quite do it for me. Though, this song is perfect to belt out in the shower or in the car with friends. This song paints a picture of strength and overcoming pain and I love it.

10. 7 Rings


Yes, this song is amazing, but it isn't the best bad b*tch anthem on this album. It's definitely fun to sit and daydream about buying every item in a collection, but unfortunately, I don't have that money so it kind of makes me sad. Though, this is the attitude I strive to have in the future. #Iseeit #Ilikeit #Iwantit #Igotit

9. Bad Idea

When I first started listening to the Thank U Next album I didn't like this song at all, but it has grown on me in the past two weeks. This song is fun but it doesn't have that "stomp on your ex's throat" vibe that my favorite songs on this album have.

8. Fake a Smile

This song is so relatable. Ari commenting on the hardships she has faced in the past few years has really shown me how much she has grown and won't pretend. I think this song a great lesson to everyone who has been hurt. No one should hide their true emotions. Plus the bridge in this song is phenomenal.

7. Breakup With Your Girlfriend, I'm Bored

This song will never not be iconic. Ari was not afraid to hurt people with this song and I enjoy it. When creating this song Ariana Grande thought, "How can I take Girlfriend by Avril Lavigne and make it better?" For the next five years, girls will snap their involved crushes videos of them singing this song, and my only wish is that I can see their reactions on Twitter.

6. In my Head

The reason why I ranked this song so high is that it's so relatable. Ariana added some great lyrics to this track and I always sing this song at the top of my lungs much to the dismay of my fellow road users. In my head is the type of song one listens to after a bad break up.

5. Ghostin

Ghostin is such a sad song but I love it. Not only Ari hurting for herself but the people she believes she is letting down. I really appreciate the raw emotional Ariana Grande we get to see in this song. Ghostin is set apart from all the others because it has that sorrowful touch no one was expecting in this album.

4. Needy

Just like Ghostin, Needy is a very emotional song. Everyone who feels a bit self-conscious can relate to the lyrics in this song. It's very hard to not be needy when dealing with a person one cares about immensely. Ari address how this might come off annoying and states why she does what she does.

3. Imagine

I put this song in my top three because it's always stuck in my head. I actually can't go a day without singing "why can't you imagine a world like that!" This song is really sweet and romantic. The beautiful fantasy world that Ari creates is somewhere I want to spend my whole life living.

2. Make Up


This song is the ultimate bad b*tch anthem. I love listening when it plays on my Spotify because I feel so empowered. Ariana embracing her feminity and her ability to say no inspires me and girls all over the world. Plus the line about Fenty beauty is great. Playing this song while putting on my makeup instantly puts me in a good mood.



I sincerely apologize to anyone who has been around me when I listen to this song. I will always scream this song at the top of my lungs because it's so catchy and enlivening. Every girl feels this way towards her crush, boyfriend, or partner. It's so refreshing to have a song saying the words I've been thinking said by another woman.

In listening to this album, one can tell the hard work and emotion that Ari put into this album. It's so hard for one to put their heart on the line when so many people are watching and waiting for them to fail. The Thank U Next album is one of the best albums of the year and I can't wait to see what Ariana Grande does in the future.

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