To anyone and everyone who has entered my life: thank you.

Some of you have come in my life and it's clear you are here to stay. For those that have chosen to keep a strong relationship with me, thank you. We've grown to have such a strong bond in which we help each other through all that life has to throw at us. You don't judge me just as I don't judge you. We love each other unconditionally and know that our lives wouldn't be complete without each other. So for those that have chosen to make a permanent mark on my life, thank you for being my rock. I look forward to flooding our lives with countless memories together.

Some of you have come in my life early on and stayed until we took different paths following high school. That is perfectly o.k. that our relationship may not have lasted through such big changes. We can't have countless life-long relationships. We have both realized that we have bigger things to accomplish in our lives and it meant finding new relationships. I will always have those memories of us and will always be rooting you on. Continue doing great things in life, and if it's meant to be, we will re-kindle our relationship.

Some of you have come in my life to quickly leave. For whatever reason that is, I wish you all the success. Sometimes we grace each others' lives for a reason. Sometimes it's to learn a lesson and sometimes it's to teach others a lesson. No matter the reason, it's a blessing to have met you and I will always remember the small amount of time we've gotten to know each other.

Some of you have formed strong, positive relationships with me, and some of you have formed relationships that have ended badly. No matter how our relationship has ended (or continues), know that I genuinely wish you all the success in life. Life can't be full of happiness and positivity 24/7 and that is o.k.; that's what makes life interesting. If we had a bad relationship it's not the end of the world, I've moved on and have been living my life just as you have. Thank you, however, for showing me how to (and not to) handle negative relationships.

Thank you to everyone who has been in my life for all you have done. Whether you've been in my life for 1 day to 21.5 years, you've lead me to where I am today and I couldn't be more grateful. Each and every one of you have had an impact in my life that I will never forget. You've made my life unique and memorable.