Words are powerful. They have the power to uplift and diminish. They have the power to show love and warmth, but also hatred and ignorance. Words. Words are so often spouted, but we ignore the meaning and the impact they will have on those listening or reading them.

Two words most regularly neglected to be said are Thank You. You might think it’s strange that I have said that Thank You has become such an obsolete phrase, but in all reality, it’s something so small but yet so grand that it has often been overlooked for quite some time.

In our daily lives, we take many things for granted. Not only the clothes on our backs and the food in our stomachs, but also the words that we speak on a daily, hourly and minute basis. Sometimes it’s not on purpose. We don’t mean to forget to tell mom thanks for doing the three loads of laundry you brought home after a month away at school. We don’t mean to forget to tell our professors thank you for their extra guidance and for the time they take to teach us. We don’t mean to forget to tell our roommate thank you for letting us drink their milk for the last week because we’re too lazy to go to the store.

We don’t mean to forget, but neglecting to tell those in our lives that we appreciate all we do for them, is something that needs to change. By not expressing our thanks for their dedication and impact on our lives, we’re unconsciously saying that their relationship in our lives is not cherished and irreplaceable.

Take some time, in person if possible, or through text, maybe even use the confetti screen effect if you have an iPhone, but do it today! Tell those special people in your life that you appreciate them and have a special place in your heart for them and all they do for you.

Take a moment to tell your mom Thank You. Thank You for all the sacrifices you’ve made so that I could have every opportunity to flourish in life. Thank You for being the type of woman I aspire to be every day. You keep me motivated to be and do my very best. Thank You, mom, for having unwavering love for me and for influencing my love for cats.

Take a moment to tell your dad Thank You. Thank You for showing me what it looks like when a man truly loves his family. Thank You for your never-ending support as I worked my way through high school and now college. Thank You for dealing with my ever-present sassy attitude and for the big bear hugs you dole out every time I come home from college. Thank You for being my hero.

Take a moment to tell your friends Thank You. Thank you to my special girls from home for being my rocks through the good times and bad times. You show me what true friendship is every day. No matter how far we are apart, you make the effort to check in on me and tell me how much you miss me. It’s the little things that really do matter. A text, a call, a snap, just seeing your face reminds me of all our memories we have made together.

Take a moment to tell your roommate Thank You. Thank You for tolerating my love of coffee and TV. No matter the time, I can count on you to be there when I'm happy, sad or sick. Thank You for making me laugh with all of your crazy snap chat filter videos and for people watching with me every day in the café.

Take a moment to tell your professors Thank You. Thank You for challenging me and for allowing me to grow and express my opinion in your classroom. Through your example, I have learned how to become unbiased and respectful of other people’s cultures and views. Thank You for showing me how to become the best teacher I can be.

Thank You to all of those in my life who have influenced or impacted it in any way. Thank You for inspiring me to be charitable and to share my time and talents with all. Thank You for shaping my life into the glorious adventure it is today.

Thank you.