Thank you to the best out there...
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Thank you to the best out there...


Thank you to the best out there...

September 26, 2014 is our anniversary. This September is our 2 year mark, and I have a ton of things to say to you.... aka my best friend and my boyfriend. You are my everything. I have no idea what I would do without you. The best things in life come unexpected and I wasn't expecting you.Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for everything.

1.Thank you for being one of my best friends since 7th grade, and being my boyfriend since sophomore year (aka my ugly year)- In case you were not aware, my first year of high school I did not have many friends. I was truly struggling trying to find friends. I went into sophomore year with no intentions of a relationship ever happening to me. You have been here for me all through high school and that was unexpected, but I am so happy that it happened because I could not imagine high school without your kisses at the end of the day.

2. Thank you for showing me high school relationships aren't all jokes- Despite seeing relationships in high school vanish from left to right, we didn't. We know how to work out our problems and not give up on each other when times get rough. We resolve our problems instead of tossing them away. We ARE that couple that people ask me all the time "are you still with John?" and I say "yes", and they just wish they had what I have. We are young, but this relationship is worth it to last forever.

3.Thank you for showing me, opposites actually do attract- We may not always agree on everything. but we always come to a compromise in the middle to make us both happy. us sharing our different point of views is something very special and us having out own thoughts makes us both unique. The best relationships happen when two people are the total opposites.

4. Thank you for showing me that actions do speak louder than words- Eventually, time after time, you have showed me that actions do speak louder than words and hey...that men can actually keep promises.

5. Thank you for never letting me go/never thinking about letting that happen- despite how difficult I have made that for you. Thank you for really caring about me in that aspect of you want to have me in your life for the rest of your life. No matter how difficult I can be, you stick with me through it all. You don't even think about breaking my heart. It does not come across your mind. Says a lot, after all we've been through.

6. Thank you for making the decisions- When you ask me what I want to do, my response is always "I don't know". I hate making decisions. Even though you ask me what I want to do, the response will never change. You pick pretty fun activities to do anyways!

7.Thank you for taking 187387472742857956563492 selfies with me- I love pictures. They hold a bunch of memories. You never complain (sometimes). But you take as many as possible with me till we find the perfect one to post on instagram that day!

8.Thank you for listening to me when I vent- Whether it be about a bad test or my parents or friends you are always there to listen and five me the best advice and are always my shoulder to cry on.

10.Thank you for thinking that I am perfect when I really am not- You are always giving me complements and making me feel beautiful when I really am not. You truly made me feel like the only girl in the world.

11. Thank you for the butterflies- Yes I know, I know. I've been going out for 2 years now but I still get butterflies! Like I still cannot believe that I am your girl...when I am not even on your level.

12.Thank you to your parents for making you a handsome guy- This one is so funny. But you had to get your genes from somewhere, right? You are such a handsome guy. You've got the best hair and I LOVE touching it! I never ever want to look into someone else's eyes.

13.Thank you for becoming my best friend and my person- We laugh, we smile and we cry. We are best buddies and I have no clue how I would live my life without you in it. You make it a lot of fun, I'm so grateful for all of the memories we have made together. At the end of the day, you arealways the one that is here for me and my first text in the morning and last text at night.

14. Thank you for loving me- Because, I love you way more. I love you to the moon and back!

15.Thank you for texting me all of the time- It is nice to know that you always want to talk to me. It is a lot of fun texting you, especially if one of us is not in Waxhaw.

16.Thank you for simply making me happy- You make me so happy and you always make me smile. I love being happy, especially when you're the reason. I love your smile, so I really enjoy making you happy too! I will try to do that more. Things are going to get better!

Overall thank you so much for everything these past 2 years, this relationship has made me a stronger person and I wouldn't trade the ups and downs for the world, I love you John. xoxoxo.

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