Finally! After all the trails, delays, and setbacks; 'Tha Carter V' has landed. This isn't just another run of the mill album, this was the most anticipated album in who knows since. True Lil' Wayne and in general fans of Hip-Hop have been waiting for this album to come and now it has, let me be the first to tell you. This album is a complete triumph from top to bottom, Lil' Wayne has delivered and it was very much worth the wait.

Let me tell you the truth, I never thought this album would come. With everything that went on with the trail of Wayne's mentor and good friend Birdman, it felt like this would be something that would be forever locked up and never seen only to leave us to ask what if? But, when the news broke in June that the case was settled the Hip-Hop community, including I went completely insane. 'Tha Carter V', was coming. No more setbacks, excuses, and delays.

The album feels like pure nostalgia, the trademark lighter flick and the blow into the microphone. Literally jumping out of my chair hearing that. This work was not about sending messages to other artists, not about how much sex he has on the road, or how much weed he smokes. This was pure artwork and it shows through each track. 'Tha Carter V' has everything that you want. You want old Wayne absolutely going in and laying out bar after bar? Or do you want mellowed out Wayne still laying out bars, but smoothly crafting his words to tell you a story about his life? But more so, Wayne has some personal songs that are different and deep that give you the feels.

Old Wayne came through in a big way and absolutely destroyed it when it was time to shine. "Dedicate", "Uproar", "Can't Be Broken", "Mona Lisa" (feat. Kendrick Lamar), "Hittas", "Demons", and "Let it Fly" (feat. Travis Scott) were the prime examples of Wayne laying it all out there. These tracks were skillfully recorded, Lil' Wayne for about three to four minutes threw us back to 2007. The punchlines were on point and it was refreshing to see his flow hasn't changed and has gotten stronger. "Mona Lisa" will go down as a classic for Tha Carter Series, Kendrick and Wayne was a combo we had been waiting for and they delivered.

Maybe the only disappointing thing to take from this album was no Drake. Unfortunately, that collab didn't make it here, but honestly, that is the only flaw with this album. Snoop Dogg, XXXtentacion, and Travis Scott made surprise features, all three did great work and Wayne did the right thing to give XXXtentacion a solid tribute.

But, there are also times when Wayne mellowed out and gave us some storytelling. "Dark Side of the Moon" (feat. Nikki Minaj), "Perfect Strangers", "Open Letter", were a few slow tracks that let us digest and listen to Wayne craft some stories. This probably one of his forgotten qualities, you can feel the work that went into these pieces. He went mellow on us folks and it didn't disappoint, love it.

On the personal side, and let's be honest for a second here. Who the hell thought Wayne would get so deep and personal with us? Wow, my jaw dropped hearing Wayne go so deep into his life and how he is a broken person. He brought his family into the album as well, Reginae Carter, his oldest daughter, made an appearance. Also, his mother came in and gave us a heartwarming tribute to him. "Mess", "Let It All Work Out", "Took His Time", "I Love You Dwayne", are the deepest and the most real tracks Wayne has ever worked on. These songs will wreck your core but also go into the inner workings of Wayne's spirit and how he can make it better. Masterpiece, just all out heart.

Furthermore, on the final song "Let It All Work Out"; Wayne goes into his attempted suicide when his mother told him he couldn't rap. He felt like a broken spirit and nearly ended it all. This was a masterfully crafted story, which took us deep and felt for the rapper. Glad he made it.

'Tha Carter V', is truly a celebration for not only Wayne but for the Hip-Hop community. Wayne came out swinging, carrying massive burdens, and devastating punch lines to make this album a triumph and his best work since 'Tha Carter III'. Leave this with the best lyric from this work. "God came to my side and we talked about it. He sold me another life and he made a prophet." A return to the throne for Lil' Wayne. The best rapper alive has cemented his triumph.