11 Conversations Every Girl Has With Her Mom While She's Away At College

11 Conversations Every Girl Has With Her Mom While She's Away At College

Being away from your best friend is HARD!

Maggie Grogan

Whether you're at a school two hours or twenty hours away from home, being away from your mom is one of the biggest challenges you can face as a college student--especially if she doubles as your best friend. This one's for you, Mom!

1. "Mom!!!! I am calling for no reason besides the fact that I'm walking alone and feel like a loser!"

2. "Somebody had their kid on campus today... Do you miss us being little kids? What about little me? Was I annoying? Yes? Like as annoying as my siblings are?"

3. "I had (Insert random food) for lunch today."

4. "I'm not saying I need money, I'm just saying that if you have any extra money, I could find some use for it."

5. "... No I'm not just calling you because I'm bored."

6. "Can you send me that sweater? Oh and some cookies while you're at it? No, not those ones, the chocolate ones you make at Christmas-time. Or maybe Easter? I don't know...just your good cookies. You know what I'm talking about."

7. "How is (So-and-So)?"

8. "Send me pictures of the dog...PLEASE!!!"

9. "Are you going to FaceTime me? I miss your face and seeing our household chaos..."

10. "I miss you, Mom. More specifically, I miss your cooking, Mom." 

11. "Hey Mom... I love you."

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