As the years accumulate, we all hear these new words that young adults are using and I bet you're curious on what they would mean. It's nothing new that teens make up new words to add to our everyday vocabulary. They are great and all, but at times they may catch you at a time when you were least expecting it.

I've personally been in a situation, in where someone has told me one of these slang words and I didn't know what it meant. Had me totally shocked and left feeling dumb when I found out what they meant! Well lucky for you, here's the scoop so you know what they mean ahead of time!

1. LMK

This word is usually used as a shortcut to saying "Let me know." You can say it to someone so that they know to let you know what's going to be going on.

2. WYD

People most often use this word to mean the question of "what are you doing?". Most often used when sending a text message. As laziness get the best of us sometimes that writing the whole phrase "what are you doing?" seems like way too much work.


This one, in particular, is more towards the type of teens that like to party. It simply means the question of "hey do you have any party addresses?"

4. WYA

Friends are most often the group that uses this word the most. WYA means "where are you at". It's also another way to say "where did you go?


This slang word is used often as a response to a daring question. An example would be, let's say your friend is asking you "Are you willing to go to a haunted house?" then you would respond with "down." Just another word for yes or sure.

6. YAS

Going from #5, another word for yes or sure is the word "Yas." Teens feel like replacing an e in "yes" to an a, makes the word cooler to say. Pretty self-explanatory.

7. WBY

This is another question that was made short. WBY simply means "What about you?"

8. OMW

This word is on my daily vocab because it's a short way to say "on my way" to someone. I try and find the most common words and make them into a shorter version because let's be honest, most of us get too lazy to type the whole word/phrase at times.

Now before you go on texting this to your friends, remember to never say most of these in a face to face conversation or they may end up looking at you funny. The only words that would be okay to use in person out of this list would be, "down," "yas," and "addy."