My mom will always be my mom, but the older I get, she is quickly becoming one of my closest friends. We are way too close . I know that I can tell her anything and she will always lead me without judgment. If you and your mom are close too, you've more than likely sent her a few, if not all, of these messages.

1. "When I text you in a minute, just say no"

For all those times you've been invited and just didn't want to go.

2. "Will you come get me?"

For all those times you rode with someone and you're tired of being social.

3. "So guess what (enter name) did"

If you're like me, everything you know, hear, and see, your mom knows about.

4. "I need retail therapy"

This is probably one of my mom's favorites and least favorites at the same time.

5. "Go look at that video I tagged you in on Facebook"

Because I know she'll think it's hilarious.

6. "Are you awake"

For those nights you can't sleep and just need someone to talk to.

7. "I'm sorry we argued"

If you're close, you probably bicker a bit.

8. "Why am I just like you"

I probably ask my mom this 700 times a week.

9. "I love you"

Because she needs to hear it sometimes.