Tesla Motors: The Future Of Cars And Homes
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Tesla Motors: The Future Of Cars And Homes

Google has nothing on Tesla. Innovation, already on the road.

Tesla Motors: The Future Of Cars And Homes

Let’s talk business. More specifically, let's talk the business of cars. Even more specific than that, let’s talk about Tesla. You may have heard about this company and maybe not, but you will now. Tesla is far more than a car company, it’s a whole future under one roof. The company specializes in making some of the most beautiful and best-in-class electric cars to date. As a startup they even created a new business model in order to grow quickly all while making a luxuriously sturdy vehicle. They have an eye for craftsmanship and vivid imagination for everyone’s future, whether it be cars or even your home.

Tesla has the vision that everyone should be able to own a highly smart and fully electric car one day. In fact, they want you to be in one as soon as possible. You see, the way their business model works is the exact opposite of what the industry has known. As a fledgling company they started with a high-end sports car, slapped a premium price tag on it, and sold around 2,500 when they ended production in 2012: this vehicle was dubbed the roadster.

The way the established industry’s model works is that you make an affordable vehicle that you can then mass produce, which, for a startup costs a lot of money. If this would have been the case, Tesla would still be working to produce their first vehicle. Now I don’t want to bore you with reiterating their entire standpoint, so if you want to go more in depth, click on business model in the above paragraph. I will say that their endgame has everyone affording a Tesla.

The company took off and has no intention of slowing down. The nice component that they seem to flex is the ever-growing support and expansion for their product. You would be hard-pressed to struggle finding a charging station, that’s for sure. They even have one in my tiny little town of Las Vegas, New Mexico. The best part is that charging is free, so why are you still paying for gas?

Their ever-powerful battery is the heart of the masterpiece; for being such a massive hunk of energy, it even charges fully in about 30 minutes thanks to the supercharger. One of the super cool aspects of the car is that it is everything the future could offer, but it’s already on the road. You see, they have a nice little system that allows for something called "autopilot," as in, you don’t drive the car--the car drives you. If you don’t believe me and think Google is the only one to do such a thing, then click on Tesla in the first paragraph. Simply look at the main page, I’ll wait...

Welcome back, so Tesla certainly has a jump on Google, especially in two key elements: the cars look nicer and their self driving system is already in customers possession. Google has been working on their car forever and Tesla just blew right past them. Oh yeah, the car also goes pretty fast. There is one inconvenient part to Tesla, and it’s not really their fault. So here’s the deal, Tesla is a different kind of company, is it bad to be different? No. Is it illegal? According to the government, yes!

Tesla’s business model actually hinders where they are allowed to sell their vehicles. This is because of age-old laws that prohibit direct-to-consumer purchases. Most states who have adopted these laws restrict Tesla. So in essence, if you were keen on buying, you may have some traveling to do. It’s all about money and car dealerships not wanting to lose out. Oh wait, never mind. Tesla actually has a work around to such a nuisance. You can simply order one off of their website and have it shipped. Tesla really wants you to have their car.

Cars aside, Tesla has actually worked on a battery for your home as well. Ingenious because, guess what, no more electric bills as the power comes from your home. Granted, right now the battery is more for emergency use when the power goes out, but give them time, they’ll get there. The battery can already run your home if you wanted to though, as it utilizes solar panels. The reason for it not totally running your home is that replenishment is slower than high consumption. The awesome electric device is called the Tesla Powerwall.

Such a happy family looking at a happy future. So Tesla is essentially a key part to our futuristic endeavors. They are constantly moving forward rapidly and want to bring you along for the ride. From their factories to their products they are harnessing clean energy and giving everyone something to be proud to own. One day, we may all very well own some product of Tesla.

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