Although snow is really pretty to look at, it makes life incredibly treacherous and cold. There are many benefits to winter and cold, but also many downsides. Winter in the midwest is definitely worse than you were prepared for.

Even though you may come prepared with winter accessories and a warm coat, nothing can prepare you for the consequences of negative temperatures and constant snowfall.

Here are 10 things that are destined to happen to you while you face the brutal months of winter.

1. Snow gets in your shoes, onto your socks, and melts in your shoes, leaving your feet wet and cold

2. Getting a Starbucks but ultimately spilling your hot drink all over yourself

3. Slipping in public when you are alone walking to class, leaving you feeling so awkward and embarrassed

4. Having to walk to class because you live in a snow globe, and the roads are now ice skating rinks

5. Walking anywhere is debatably the worst experience of your life

6. Questioning if it is possible to die from frostbite

7. Losing your gloves and fearing that your hands may become icicles

8. When you don’t want to wear a face mask so your whole face is exposed and you can’t feel it because it is frozen

9. Wearing layers to keep you warm outside, but sweating through all of them when inside

10. Having to be productive when all you really want to do is stay in bed all day