If you are not familiar or properly acquainted with some of these locations, take caution. Prepare to have your mind blown.

1. Mount Rushmore is in SOUTH DAKOTA?!

If you were asked about famous American landmarks, Mount Rushmore might pop up. Try asking what’s there to do in particular in South Dakota. When I asked friends, they were speechless.

2. Washington, D.C is the capital of… which state, again?

None. Or, well, all of them. But the city is not part of any one given state. If you live in Maryland OR in Virginia, but you wish you did not belong to that state, go ahead and claim you're from the District.

3. America is WAY more than just one country.

Surely, Americans live in the United States, but America is not synonymous with the U.S of A. Whatever happened to Canada, Mexico, Brazil, and so many Latin American nations?

4. The Big Ben is NOT a clock-tower?!

Tourists hover around the landmark on New Year’s waiting for the perfect Big Ben selfie. That does not mean they are even aware of what they want. If the tower shows up in the background, Big Ben is missing. In fact, the name refers to the actual large clock itself on the inside.

5. In Paris, people will wear berets…

that is, only as foreigners whose research about French culture did not extend beyond the realm of twentieth century French cinema, maybe.

6. And speaking of France, it’s the place for original french fries.. wait, nope.

French fries are home to Belgium! Ask Stromae. He will literally stand up at his concerts confirm that french fries are in fact, Belgian! #Moulesfrites

7. Welcome to Italy, the land of pasta and marinara sauce… but not really.

Forget your big dreams of trying what you have considered classic Italian food since you learned of Italy’s existence. Marinara means “from the sea,” nowhere near red or tasty. Chances are, unless you ask for pomodoro sauce, the real stuff, you’ll be charged surprisingly for a shellfish dish.

8. Indians obviously - DO NOT - speak Indian.

The country is home to 780 languages, among which the most popular include Hindi and Bengali.

9. Kangaroos are floating about everywhere in Australia - at the zoo, that is.

Do not expect your Aussie friends to own pet kangaroos. Locating a kangaroo actually takes some mindful searching on the island slash country slash continent.

10. And finally, if you’re from New York, you’re not necessarily living in the city?!

As a soon-to-be city girl, I have shocked too many of my foreign friends when I explain that New York is much larger than the bright lights, billboards, and Broadway shows in the movies.