10 Things Only Known By North Carolina Natives
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10 Things Only Known By North Carolina Natives

See if these ten things are true for you!

10 Things Only Known By North Carolina Natives
Amanda from Seattle

North Carolina is a state of its own kind. We have so many traditions and things only around here that the rest of the world just don't understand. Here are 10 things that you will only know if you've lived here.

1. Sweet tea is a lifestyle!!

Anywhere you go in the state, you can find someone drinking Sweet tea. It is the superior drink during the hot summer months, at fall football games, sitting by the tree during Christmas, and on spring days when the flowers are in bloom.

2. You can technically go to the mountains and the beach on the same day.

North Carolina is home to some of the most beautiful beaches and the most spectacular mountains in the United States. The Outer Banks are some of the most traveled places in the country and the mountains are perfect for a summer road trip.

3. School can get canceled over no actual snow.

One of the most well-known things about North Carolina is that we basically get no snow... and when we even get a slight warning for some, we panic. You may as well stock up on bread, milk, and eggs weeks before the forecasted snow because they will be all gone if you don't.

4. Cheerwine is far superior to any other soft drink.

Cheerwine is specifically a North Carolina soda, so if you want to experience a cherry soda unlike any other, you'll have to plan a visit to the state. Cheerwine was created amid a sugar shortage during World War I and it has still been a staple to the state ever since.

5. You’ve never met any celebrities.

It's no secret that North Carolina isn't exactly the music capital of the world... the only concerts that really come here are country music stars, and if someone else does come here, it's usually in Charlotte.

6. Tea is always served sweet unless you ask for it unsweetened.

Sweet tea is very serious in NC. If you just tell your waiter "I'll have tea," nine times out of ten, it will be sweet. That's how we like it too.

7. You get mad when people automatically assume you love country music.

"What do you mean you don't like country music... ? I thought everybody in NC like country music???" Uhm... no. We don't all care for country thank you very much.

8. You know exactly how much you need for a cookout tray and a large sweet tea.

Cook Out is the go-to lunch time meal for most high school students in the state. Most of us save up money from babysitting or from our part -time jobs just to get a tray at lunch time.

9. You get so much joy when the lights at Krispy Kreme are on.

Krispy Kreme is one of the many joys of the state. You get a special feeling when you see the lights turning on on the Krispy Kreme sign. That means they are hot and fresh! Taking home a dozen is the best way to celebrate the weekend.

10. Having to say “Raleigh” or “Charlotte” when people ask where you are from because there are so many suburbs around.

When people ask you where you are from, you have to say the name of a big city because nobody knows where Cary or Holly Springs is! It's just a fact of life, and you are used to it now!

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