10 Things I Learned My Freshman Year Of College (As Told By Cats)

10 Things I Learned My Freshman Year Of College (As Told By Cats)

Naps will happen, and they will happen frequently.

Caitlin Yannizzi

1. Your roommate will become your best friend

No matter what, your roommate will always be there, I mean after all you do have to share a room. It becomes more than that when times get tough and your roommate is there to lend you a shoulder to cry on or a congratulation when you ace your math test. Your roommate becomes your best friend, and one of the hardest things to say goodbye to.

2. Naps are important and will happen frequently

Even if you never used to nap before, once college hits you totally will need a nap during the day, or two or maybe five. The amount of work you do, and the effort and time it takes to not only get to class, but do the hours of work for each, you will undoubtedly take every second you can to lay on your bed and shut your eyes. You will nap in the strangest places too, the library, the cafe, the floor, anywhere will do when you are in need of some sleep.

3. Days you make your bed are good days

Days you make the bed are days that are rare, but successful when they come. There will be days that making your bed is the last thing on your mind amongst the millions of other things you need to do. If you have the effort to make your bed and clean up your room, you have made it, and you are doing okay.

4. You will get sick of the food no matter how much you try to like it

The first three weeks of school are great, there are thousands of options and you feel overwhelmed. Oh, I will never get sick of all of these choices every night you think. You thought wrong. You'll only like eight out of the millions of choices- and they will only be served once every three weeks. Do not take those home-cooked meals for granted.

5. You will probably never open the textbooks for your classes that cost hundreds of dollars

I wish I was kidding when I say this, but most likely all of the books professors require you to buy, you can find online versions for free, or you will not even open them all semester. Most people end up using the textbooks they buy for their classes as coasters for their drinks or plates for their Thursday late-night pizza. Those hundreds of dollars you spend on college textbooks are a complete and utter waste, but there is nothing you can do about it. Chances are, that one book you don't buy is one you'll need for the last test of the semester that counts for half your grade. So my advice to you, is buy the books, but do not expect to use them, or at least for what they are supposed to be used for.

6. People still do not know how to make popcorn or Easy Mac without setting the fire alarm off

You will be taking a shower at 11:00 pm rubbing in your shampoo when the fire alarm goes off and you have to go outside in the freezing cold with a towel on and handfuls of other people staring at you. People do not know how to make popcorn or macaroni without burning it, even in college, so prepare yourself for the inconvenient fire alarms and the lingering smell of burnt food. Honestly, you might even fall victim to burning your own popcorn or forgetting to put the water in your Easy Mac, I know I have…

7. You will call your mom multiple times in one day

You will need your mom in college, more than you could ever imagine. Whether it be how to iron a shirt, cook your dinner or boy trouble, the first person you will call is your mom. She will be there and she will answer, she will make everything better. Do not be ashamed to call your mom, and remember, she is always there for you no matter what. Be thankful for your mom, and never take her for granted. Whether you’re having a good day or a bad one, call your mom, even if it is more than once in one day.

8. You will miss your cats (well at least I did)

My cats are my best friends, and being away from them is one of the hardest things that I have had to do. Most of the times I came home during the semester was to see my cats because they are the most calming and therapeutic things I have in my life, and I do not know what I would do without them. No matter how much they annoy me, or the big messes they make all over the house when I am away from them, I sure do miss them, and I would not trade anything in the world for a day with them.

9. People do not abide by the quiet hours rule… like ever

Quiet hours are set and everyone is supposed to abide by them in order to respect each other and the needs of each individual. However, these quiet hours do not stop people from blaring music with their doors wide open and screaming down the halls like they are the only ones living in the dorms. One thing I learned is that no matter the consequences if you do not abide by these set rules, people will still make noise and do what they want, and it does take some real getting used to. Just try tune it out and do your own thing, and if that is not enough, go for a walk and keep your cool, because some nights it might be you being loud past quiet hours and you can finally understand how hard it can be for some people to keep quiet when all they want to do is have a little fun.

10. You will find your people even if it takes some time, and they will reassure you that you made the right college choice

College will bring you the best of friends, even if it takes a little while to find them. You might regret or question your choice of school once or twice during the year when times are low and you feel alone, but once you find your people, you will know you made the right decision. Your people will be just like you, they will enjoy your presence and you will finally feel in place within the walls of your new home. Friends are forever, and you will find some of the best ones your Freshman year of college, and they will hopefully be there to stay forever.

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