Summer is here and that means time for a long break from everything. Of course, you are used to the craziness of work and school, but you do need a break from it all. Here are ten reasons why:

  1. Binge watching on Netflix! Time to catch up on all your favorite television shows, and movies too. You can even spend a day doing nothing but movies.
  2. Time to play video games! You can now catch up on all the games you have played but could not get to, thanks to school.
  3. Sleeping, since during the college semester can be a challenge with late night studying.
  4. Spending time with family and friends, because you can finally have a social life with school over.
  5. Time to relax! School can be stressful and with endless exams it’s hard to relax until it’s over.
  6. Reading instead of reading boring text books you can spend your time reading for fun, and the books you love.
  7. Partying if you are a big partier then you can go to more parties now then during the school year.
  8. Time to clean your room. If you are like me then you can clean up your messy room that you didn’t bother to straighten up during the school year.
  9. Amusement park time since the parks are now open until the summer ends. Time for fun with friends.
  10. No stress about exams, assignments, or class lectures.

There are many reasons why the summer rocks, and it’s a good time to relax, read, and enjoy the break.