Ten Disney Movies That Are Always A Good Idea No Matter What

Ten Disney Movies That Are Always A Good Idea No Matter What

An easy explanation of ten Disney Movies that are always a good idea no matter what occasion to watch


When I say the word Disney I am pretty sure about majority of people will put a smile on their faces. So here are my top 10 movies that are always a good idea no matter what time of the day or any occasion.

1. "Peter Pan"

Who doesn't want to grow up? With this all time favorite movie you will be taken to a place called Neverland a land where there is is lost boys, one handed pirates with a hook as a hand, fairies, and mermaids. This movie has it all.

2. "Cinderella"

When you watch this movie you always want to have a fairytale lifestyle and have every girl have their own Prince Charming by trying on a left behind shoe go to the ball and be rid of step sisters and an evil step mother.

3. "Pirates of Caribbean"

One sole character that makes the whole movie is, well you guessed it, Captain Jack Sparrow. These movies are filled with action and suspense and not to mention rum loving pirates who love treasure and adventure.

4. "Inside Out"

Everyone is filled with emotion whether it's happy, sad, anxious, or even anger. But what would happen if emotions controlled how we control our lives in our decisions?

5. "Toy Story"

The famous quote is, "You've got a friend in me." If that doesn't ring a bell then you are watching the wrong movie. These toys help you live to infinity and beyond to always find your way back home.

6. "Finding Nemo"

Just keep swimming and learn the power of family and friendship no matter where you come from. Oh and you learn to speak whale and learn that fish are friends not food!

7. "Pocahontas"

Can you paint with all the colors of the wind? This is a good movie to watch about being a hero within yourself and following your dreams no matter what.

8. "Frozen"

Of course there is no deeper love than a sister's love no matter what sacrifices are ahead for them and who doesn't like warm hugs from a snowman? Always remember to let it go.

9. "Aladdin"

Travel to a whole new world while flying a magic carpet found in the Cave of Wonders to find a lamp, befriend a genie, and get three wishes that your heart's desire.

10. "The Little Mermaid"

Go under the sea with everyone's favorite mermaid Ariel and her sea friends, but watch out for Ursula she might take your voice if you ever want to explore land and fall in love with a Prince. But always remember a dingle hopper is used to brush your hair.

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