10 Annoying Things Only Servers Understand

10 Annoying Things Only Servers Understand

Working in the customer service industry means working with some annoying customers.

Working as a server can be both a blessing and a curse. It's a great way to earn a large sum of money in a short amount of time, but like every job, it has its downsides.

Working as a server puts you in situations with many different types of people who can get on your nerves. But working in the customer service industry means you have to handle any difficult situation or person with politeness and hospitality, even if that means biting your tongue.

From rude customers to inadequate tips, here are ten annoying things only servers will understand.

1. When a customer asks for the check… but takes forever to actually pay it

As a server, it’s critical that you are attentive to your tables. But when customers don’t pay their tab right away after they ask for it, you tend to become over-attentive and impatient. So, you hover uncomfortably around the table to ensure you get them their tab back in a timely manner.

2. When a customer complains about food.. as if the server cooked it.

If the food is bad, by all means, please complain. But sometimes, the way in which customers approach the matter can be disrespectful and irritating for servers. Some customers don’t realize that the server isn’t the one in the kitchen...they just bring it out.

3. Making ridiculous requests

As someone who works at a restaurant in a busy city, I can tell you that you will encounter all types of people. The requests from these people vary greatly, from turning the music down on a busy Saturday night to asking for quarters when you’re in the middle of running food and drinks for ten different tables. And sometimes it can be more pressing requests like threatening to leave if the staff won’t turn the channel to the game they want to watch. Either way, it's quite tiresome.

4. No tip, or barely tipping

This one is straightforward, but it is a slap in the face when you work hard serving a table and they end up leaving without tipping.

5. Being interrupted when you’re on the monitor

It can be annoying when you’re running around during a busy shift and one of your customers seeks you out on their own. Unless you have been a bad and inattentive server, this can be incredibly frustrating. When a customer interrupts you in the middle of a task, it leaves you flustered and stressed.

6. Outrageously messy table

As a server, it’s typically your responsibility to clean up after your tables. Some people are so messy that it’s hard to comprehend how a group accomplished to create such a mess. I’ve found that more often than not, the perpetrators are grown, adults.

7. When your tables all ask for something at once

It often happens where it seems like all of your tables are in sync, and need help all at once. This can be difficult when five different tables all want to pay at the same time, but a server can only cash everyone out so quickly. This can lead to customers becoming impatient and inevitably complaining that you're being slow.

8. The mute table

Sometimes it’s a full table and sometimes it’s just one person out of a group. But from time to time, you will get a table that barely responds after you ask a question. "Need anything else?" Chirp chirp chirp. It’s even more awkward when a person at a table says someone else wants another drink without validation from the actual person. Blank stares or ignoring me altogether is extremely frustrating. Do you want another drink or not?

9. When a customer gets too intoxicated

This can be tricky. Sometimes it’s your call to decide whether or not to cut someone off. But that can cause unnecessary conflict and uncomfortable interactions. Every server has seen that one person who was so intoxicated they could barely walk out. Sometimes customers can still function and are either rude or inappropriate. This is almost worse.

10. Misunderstanding what someone said

Sometimes, when you’re busy during a rush, it is possible to hear incorrectly what someone said, forget to write something down or put an order into the monitor wrong. This can be frustrating because there is nothing you can do about it except apologize and move on.

Although these things can be annoying, the pros of working in the service industry overshadow them. Sometimes all you can do is take a deep breath and continue to be the stellar server you are.

Cover Image Credit: NY Daily News

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Almost 100 Percent Of What Servers Say Earning Your 20 Percent Tip Is BS

Here it is.... the truth.

So, if you don’t know, I am a waitress.

I deal with, so many different types of people and I have learned how to handle each kind of person.

I have had so many people that make my day a little brighter and then there are always those people that can easily bring me down.

No matter what, I always keep a smile on my face and give the customers the best service possible.

But I am ready to unleash all the thoughts I have built up for some of these customers.

So here it is, what servers want to actually say to you.

When I first walk up to the table and introduce myself:

What I say: Hello! My name is Maddie I am going to be taking care of you, can I start you off with anything else to drink other than water? Any appetizers?

What I want to say: Hi my dudes, let’s get this over with, c’mon what do you want to drink. Get a bottle of wine or something expensive.

When a customer asks me what exactly is on tap, or want to know every single kind of wine we have and what they all taste like:

What I say: *grabs drink list OFF THE TABLE IN FRONT OF THEM* here you are, I have a hard time remembering some of the drafts because we have newly featured ones all the time. Also, I can get you a wine recommendation if you would like.

What I want to say: Uh hello, the list is right in FREAKING FRONT OF YOU!!!!!!! Look at the list, and then ask me questions! K BYE.

When I come back with drinks and they ask me if I am going to bring out rolls:

What I say: Yeah, I can bring out some rolls! Would you like any appetizers or anything? Were we ready to order dinner?

What I want to say: *laughing* uhhhh you have been sitting here for a good three minutes please wait until I set your vodka soda down before asking about some crusty bread Tina. Thanks bye.

When a customer asks me what sides we have:

What I say: All of our sides are at the bottom of the menu, and we have mashed potatoes, baked potatoes, fries, mac and cheese, onion rings, etc.


When I bring out the rare steak the customer ordered and they complain:

What I say: I can take it back to the kitchen and we will get it fixed right away!

What I want to say: ARE YOU JOKING. If you didn’t want it mooing and running around your plate then you shouldn’t have ordered it rare!!!!!!! CMON!!!

When I bring out the bills and a customer jokes around and says "I thought you were paying!?":

What I say: *laughs and walks away*

What I want to say: HAHAHA YOU THOUGHT. ME? PAY? After making $3 an hour plus your sh*tty tip. Yeah right.

When a customer asks me if the tip is included:

What I say: No, it is not, you have to include that when you sign the slip! Thank you!

What I want to say: ……..are.you.joking? *starts screaming*

When I go the table for the last time and say goodbye:

What I say: Thank you so much for coming in, have a great night! Come see us again!

What I want to say: Alright get to moving, I want to go home. I hope you tipped me good, seeeeee yaaaa. Peace out my dudes.

So there it all is. I laid it all out there.

Those are just a few things that I want to say to servers but instead I keep a smile on my face and stay kind and nice. It takes A LOT of work to maintain a nice personality and put up with the handful of people that come through the restaurant I work at.

So there you all go, how I truly feel and what I want to say to you.

P.S. - I am really sorry if I have ever served you before. Lol. Don't take it personally. :)

Cover Image Credit: Pexels

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If You Want The Most Relaxing Weekend Getaway From NYC, Go To Tulum, Mexico

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This small rustic town and laid-back vibe is the ultimate weekend getaway from the fast-paced lifestyle you’re surrounded by in New York City. Get out of the tundra and head over to your beach life get away. Grab some friends and your bathing suits and head over to Tulum for the most relaxing weekend of your life.

Tulum is special because you can interact with all the locals and experience their easy-going way of life. You truly get to immerse yourself in the Mexican culture and you get a sense of their spirituality.

This small, rustic town promotes a healthy, positive lifestyle in the sense that everything is fresh and requires physical activity.

The narrow streets, lacking room for cars, push the tourists to live like the locals and either ride bikes or walk everywhere. You have the opportunity to take long walks on the white sand beaches and stop at one of the many beachfront hotels for a quick lunch.

Most boutique hotels you stumble into offer moonlight yoga on the beach with the ability to channel all of your energy into the sound of the relaxing waves. Be sure to take advantage of the beachside massages offered by the hotels. After spending an entire day laying out its time to head over to a trendy dinner where the chefs are sure to take advantage of the local, fresh ingredients.

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  3. The Real Coconut @Sanara hotel
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  4. La Zebra

Safe travels!

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