Goodbye summer, hello fall! I am pretty excited for this transformation just like almost everyone else. Scarves, oversized sweatshirts, boots, jean, bonfires, smiles, and laughs. It's a transition of the year. But what about those people who get cold easier than most?

1. When most people need one sweatshirt, you need three.

Even that isn't enough! You're still cold!

2. The thermostat needs to go up instantly.

It needs to feel like Florida somewhere! I still need my shorts and T-shirts.

3. Extra blankets are a must.

Flat sheet, check. Comforter, check. Two double sided fleece blankets, three hoodies blankets, and a mini comforter on top, check!

4. It's never too early for hot drinks.

Hot drinks not only warm you up on the inside, but they are a great hand warmer! Can anyone else say "Pumpkin"?

5. People finally realize why you have lots of clothes.

When you can't decide what to wear, just wear everything at once, you'll eventually shed off enough layers to get to the outfit you want to wear.