Imagine working together on a show for years! It's not easy.
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Not All Co-Stars Are Best Friends, But That's Show Biz, Baby!

Actors play characters, and it's important to recognize that.

Not All Co-Stars Are Best Friends, But That's Show Biz, Baby!

Every time I begin a new TV series, I like to do a little background on the actors, directors, and storyline just so I know what I'm getting myself into. During finals week (when I should have been writing a few papers), I decided it was a great time to begin a new television show! I landed on HBO's "Sex & The City" and realized that I had never actually seen this iconic show. I'd heard many references over the years — "Are you a Samantha or Charlotte?" "How did Carrie afford her apartment whilst buying all those shoes?" — the list goes on. So I clicked play.

As I breezed through the episodes, I began my background research. One of the very first results that popped up was an article about a feud between Kim Cattrall (Samantha) and Sarah Jessica Parker (Carrie). It was your typical mean girl vs nice girl debate, and of course, readers were supposed to take sides. I dug deeper into the conflict between the two co-stars and found an interview in which Kim Cattrall addressed the rumors. She stated ever so classily, "We've never been friends. We've been colleagues, and in some ways that a very healthy place to be."

I knew that comment shook the SATC world to the core. How could these women be so close, so inseparable on the show and not in real life?! They're practically family! Well honey, here's the's called acting. Just think about it: if you put several strong-willed, powerful, and artistic human beings on the same set, there are bound to be disagreements. I mean, take a look at other rocky relationships between cast members:

- Josh Peck and Drake Bell on "Drake & Josh"

- Nina Dobrev and Paul West on "The Vampire Diaries"

- Loralei and Luke on "Gilmore Girls"

- Chad Michael Murray and Sophia Bush on "One Tree Hill"

Fans have always had a hard time separating the character from the actor, and I'll admit, it happens to me too. I mean, can anyone really look at Bill Skarsgård and not think of Pennywise the clown? Or Daniel Radcliffe and not see Harry Potter? It's totally natural, however, fans need to understand that the actors are not their roles. Samantha & Carrie don't really get together for cosmopolitans on a Friday night, Drake and Josh don't hang and play video games in their basements, and dare I say it, maybe the "Friends" cast didn't get along either *gasp*! But that's showbiz, baby.

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