Chrissy Teigen Vs. Trump In 21 Fire Tweets

Chrissy Teigen is hands-down the proclaimed twitter queen. Her clever, witty responses coupled with her powerful beliefs makes the perfect feed to stalk when your looking for a laugh. She has been known for trolling Trump for years, but her last tweet this summer was the final straw, and the super model and cookbook author was consequently blocked. I decided to track down 21 of her best tweets (plus the final iconic one) @-ing Donald Trump to commemorate the memories.

1. Two roasts in one tweet

2. This small correction

3. Proud and petty insults

4. This "joke"

5. The alternative...

6. "Trump's fat chin"

7. The national embarrassment

8. Sympathy for the Press Secretary

9. The brutal retweet

10. Brutal retweet part two

11. Silver lining?

12. Sarcasm at its finest

13. The reality

14. The unwanted guest

15. Unique observation

16. Motto

17. "Lol" @CNN

18. He's "that guy."

19. Lol bye!

20. Calling. Him. Out.

21. Iconic

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