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'Teen Wolf' May Have Ended, But These 13 Scenes Still Have Our Hearts

All in our feels or dying of laughter.

'Teen Wolf' May Have Ended, But These 13 Scenes Still Have Our Hearts

Airing in 2011 until 2017, the MTV hit series "Teen Wolf" made teenage girls swoon, and watchers emotional. Based off of the classic 1985 film, it takes us through the thrilling adventures of a newly bitten werewolf, Scott McCall, along with his spastic, sarcastic, human best friend, Stiles, and his pack in the town of Beacon Hills, California.

Not only does the show have shirtless boys, a Romeo and Juliet like romance, and well-developed characters, it also has several supernatural creatures from lore around the world. They have: werewolves (of course), Banshees, Kanimas (a lizard that has paralytic venom in their claws), dark druids, kitsunes [Kit-su- Nay] (Japanese trickster fox), a dark kitsune called a nogitsune, were-jaguars, and even the wild hunt.

The creator, Jeff Davis, really outdid himself when he created this show, and we are so thankful he did. Personally, I don't know how I would go a week without my Stiles fix, because we all know Stiles was the witty and smart comic relief in the show.

"Teen Wolf" wasn't just a stupid teen girl TV show, though, many families and adults watched it as well because it was so thrilling and it drew people in with its emotional scenes, and there are a lot of them.

Fans often found themselves dying in laughter, screaming with joy, or plain out sobbing from the pain they felt. So, here are 13 scenes that had us in are feels or had us laughing.

Some of the videos are low quality, but they are all there was.



1. Scott gets bit

Imagine this: your spunky best friend hears over his dad's radio - since he's the sheriff - that a body has been found in the woods and he wants you to find it with him. Nothing could go wrong, right? Well, it does when your best friend gets caught by his father and leaves you all alone. Trying to find your dead inhaler, you discover part of the body, you send yourself in a panic and fall, you almost get trampled by a pack of dear and roll down a hill, but worst of all, you get but by a mysterious animal you think was a wolf.

That's exactly what happened to poor Scott in the pilot, but it was the start of the show since he is the main character. I had to start this list with this scene because we wouldn't have a show without him! Also, we were also as terrified as he was at this moment.

3. Scotts howl

Scott is terrible at this wolf thing by this point: he can't control his shift, he sucks at lying to Allison, and he is now trapped at school trying to miserably hide from the monstrous alpha that bit him. It's safe to say his confidence sucks.

So, as the best friend, Stiles has Scott practice his howl. Although his first how sounds like a cat being choked to death - Stiles words - he tried again, this time with a little motivation and facts from Stiles.

This howl is different, it's deep, strong, and it rattles the building! It's a true wolf howl and we all were so proud of him. We also chuckled at Derek's reaction as well.

Side note: this is when Stiles coins Derek's nickname Sourwolf.

4. Stiles' monologue to the counseler

After facing the Kanimas and it's controller, Matt, is viciously drowned by the hunter Gerard so he can control it, Stiles makes a speech about drowning, and it all has us in tears.

Stiles is always upbeat and optimistic, but it felt like his joyous light was dinner slightly when he anxiously spoke to the guidance counselor in this scene. We knew Stiles has anxiety since his mother died but we didn't know how much it affected him until this moment in season two.

5. Derek punches Stiles

And once again Sterek's delivers a comic relief for the antsy fans in season three episode two.

Tensions are already high with Derek's sister Cora and fellow werewolf Boyd being stuck in an old bank vault by a rival pack, but not knowing how to get into the bank vault makes it even worse.

Stiles obviously runs his mouth on a spiel about how to get in, and of course, Derek steps in. Stiles then runs his mouth even more on his doubts about Derek, but Derek quickly shuts him up when he punches Stiles' hand with his werewolf strength at the minimal level.

In a serious situation, this scene brought a little bit of pressure off of the fans and it also gave them a little dash of Sterek- something everybody has come to love.

6. Stiles saves Scott

Scott has enough on his plate following a battle at the bank that he might have lost Derek in, but staying at a motel on a lacrosse trip that is known for the number of suicides that occur there doesn't help.

Especially when it starts to affect the werewolves there and they all try to kill themselves.

Luckily, Stiles and his super-smart childhood crush Lydia are able to stop all the werewolves from harming themselves before it was too late. Or did they?

Running out into the parking lot, Stiles, Allison, and Lydia are faced with a heartbreaking scene. Scott is standing in a ring of gasoline, doused in gasoline, and holding a lit flare while sobbing.

Scott makes a little speech of how he isn't worth it and it had all of our hearts breaking, but Stiles' reaction made it even worse.

Stiles, with tears in his eyes, starts to talk to Scott, declaring Scott is his brother before stepping into the ring and grasping the flare with him.

Not only did Stiles save Scott, but we go to see the Sciles ( Scott + Stiles ) bond strengthen more than enough. We knew Stiles loved Scott, but the fact he would die for him just had us all a mess.

Besides, we didn't know if they actually went through with it, but then again we wouldn't have a show without Scott. Would we?

7. Scott earns his 'true' alpha status

It's the final battle with the Darach, the dark druids unmasked as Jennifer, and she throws a ring of mountain ash around her. This seemed like the end for Scott because if he couldn't kill her, he couldn't stop the storm outside and Stiles, Allison, and his parents would die.

But, he had to try. He had to fight.

It's been told since the first season that mountain ash is a barrier for werewolves and any other supernatural creatures almost as much as the color of a werewolf's eyes, so when Scott tries again in this moment, nobody was really holding out.

Fans, on the other hand, were on the edge of their seats because they knew Scott. They know that he doesn't give up on his friends and they are right.

We visibly see the mountain ash barrier as Scott struggles to get through and we see him actually succeeding little by little, but most shockingly, we see his eyes shift from the yellow of abbeta to the red if an alpha.

An alpha gains it's status by killing their alpha and stealing the power, but Scott is a very rare and even stronger alpha called a True Alpha; he earned his status by being loyal and kind, the best alpha there is to be and we were all shouting in joy when it did happen.

Plus, he takes it in total stride after he defeats Jennifer.

8. Allison's death

Allison Argent has been Scott's first love and love interest since the first episode, and this is where we get the Romeo and Juliet element. Scott and Allison were doomed from the start because her family are werewolf hunters, and of course Scott is a werewolf.

It didn't stop them once she found out and became a woman you wouldn't want to cross with her bow and arrow, but the pain and burdens of being a werewolf were too much for their relationship to bare.

By the time season three episode twenty-three rolls around, Scott and Allison are very much past a relationship but they are still very much in love. It makes this scene so much harder for fans to bare.

In an intense battle with the Oni ( Japanese demons ) that the nogitsune that is inha inhabiting Stiles' body has set to guard him as he tortures the banshee. Lydia. The scene is full of Void Stiles' cryptic speeches and sword clanging. But the scene ends with a crack of thunder when Allison strike the immortal Oni with a silver arrow and kills one- only to be stabbed by another Oni.

Right after, Lydia banshee screams Allison's name and viewers knew that this was the end for Allison Argent, because Lydia only screams when death is near.

The scene is shocking enough. But Scott catching Allison in his arms and try to take her pain and not being able to because she doesn't hurt makes it sob-worthy.

Fans hearts completely shattered, though, when Allison tells a barely making it Scott that it's okay because she's in the arms of the man's she loves.

And then she's gone.

To this day, we still curse Jeff Davis for this.

9. Void Stiles' rage

It seems like season three has a bunch of scenes, but that's because of this guy, Void stiles a.k.a the nogitsune.

It feeds off pain, chaos, and strife. It's caused the death of Allison and others, plus it made Stiles very sick ( they finally got their Stiles back ). Even though he's done terrible things, fans still love Void Stiles and the rage he has in the scene where they defeat them is something viewers never forget. It corners the real Stiles and Lydia as it egotistically declares it's already won.

That is until they actually do defeat him...trapping him again and burying him. Still, this scene is a Teen Wolf classic that our favorite villain ever in the history of the show made.

10. Scott bites Liam 

Scott really can't seem to get a break. He's finally an alpha, he beat the nogitsune, and he came to an understanding with the second most dangerous group of hunters at the beginning of season four.

A killer just had to go after a young boy named Liam, creating a life or death situation that Scott has to make a choice in, and of course, his choice will break the understanding with the hunters: He bites and turns innocent Liam.

As only an alpha could turn someone, this marks the first and only person Scott has turned. It worries him because he is still getting the hang of being alpha and now he was supposed to train his new beta, how could he?

The scene was jaw-dropping as is, but viewers also started to worry for Scott as the understanding came to mind. She had said that they would come for him when he bit his first person, well less than two weeks later he bit someone.

It was the beginning of a beautiful friendship and the start of our love for Liam.

11. Stiles gets taken by the hunt

As the story goes, the wild hunt ride in on a storm to take those who see them- erasing them from existence. Unfortunately, Stiles ends up being the one to see the ghost riders so he is now the target.

In the premiere of season six, Jeff Davis sent Stydia ( Stiles + Lydia ) fans and viewers for a whirl as they climb into the Jeep in a panic because the ghost riders were coming for Stiles.

Jeff Davis has toyed with our hearts for the previous five seasons with subtle moments of Stydia, and our hearts wanted more. We got more, and it broke our hearts and had us crying.

In Stiles' trusty Jeep, Stiles hold Lydia's hand and starts to ask her to remember him. He tells her to remember that she the first girl he's danced with, his first crush, his first kiss even. All of it is child's play to the last thing he says. " Remember I love you."

Then he's ripped out of the Jeep by a ghost Rider, leaving a very shaken and already forgetting Lydia behind.

Viewers were devastated that Stydia was torn away once more, but they knew Lydia would save him no matter what. Not just because she was a banshee. But because she shared a bond with Stiles that no one else did.

The scene still hurt, though.

12. Lydia saves Stiles

As I said, Lydia would save him. In mid-season finale, Lydia finally remembers as she calls out for Stiles in tears. She remembers that she loves him and hadn't said it back, causing her to create a tether to the virtual reality Stiles went in when he was taken.

It wasn't a happily ever after, at first. When Stiles didn't appear in front of Lydia, she thought it didn't work. She just didn't realize that Stiles wouldn't appear in front of her but where he disappeared from in the first place, the Jeep.

The two don't reunite until later on in the episode when Stiles is in the exact same position he once was before: in the locker room with a gun pointed between his eyes. Closing his eyes to accept his fate, he readies himself to die, but Lydia stands in the doorway and manipulates her scream to knock out the ghost Rider.

She runs in saying, "I didn't say it back." Stiles walks towards her with relief and he utters that one line, "You don't have to," and they share a passionate kiss that had viewers falling or jumping off their couch and squealing in joy.

It marked the moment that Stiles got the girl of his dreams and Lydia finally accepting him.

Stydia fans were finally happy with Jeff Davis.

13. Scott's final battle and the return of Void Stiles

It's the series finale and everything is riding on this moment with Scott. The whole town has turned on the supernatural of Beacon Hills, and stopping this creature, the Annuk-Ite [ ah-nuhk-ee-teh ], brings an end to all of it.

The Annuk-Ite is a creature that literally turns into your fear, but if you look at it, you turn to stone.

How's Scott going to face it?

He'd been working on it up until this point, and it was finally time. Even though it's a huge, intense scene, viewers couldn't sit still with excitement and anticipation as Scott's fears turned out to be almost all the creatures he's ever faced- including the nogitsune.

When we heard the eerie voice of Void Stiles, all of the viewers were out of their seat and cheering. They cheered even more with every glimpse of every creature. Void Stiles was just the major point.

It was a farewell to Scott's adventures and a well-deserved farewell to the character that was phenomenally put in the show.

These scenes, whether they made us laugh, cheer, or cry aren't even half of the memories "Teen Wolf" gave us, but it is the ones we remember the most. We all have our favorites, but no one can deny the epicness of these scenes- including Void Stiles. Because we all thought he was really hot. Cudos to Dylan O'Brien for pulling that amazing acting job off as well.

And especially thank you to Jeff Davis, for the torture and laughter alike. You really did a good job of making us feel.

And for those who don't watch it, maybe it's time to sink your claws into something new.

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