Ted Bundy Was Charming, But Murder Does NOT Make Him 'Hot'

Ted Bundy Was Charming, But Murder Does NOT Make Him 'Hot'

Even if he was the most handsome man on the planet, murder would still make him ugly.


Netflix is flipping their tables because young women are obsessing over Ted Bundy. First of all, have you girls ever heard of him? You can't tell me you didn't know who he was before the tapes leaked and before the new trailers came out for a movie about him.

Ted Bundy and his story sprouted up again from the cold graves, and people are going wild. I am one of the people who have watched the tapes on Netflix. Stories like his interest me. For some reason, serial killers and murderers are interesting, even though they don't deserve anyone's time or attention. I love how the brain works, and Ted Bundy's brain was screwed in the worst ways.

Bundy had multiple personalities. He knew what he wanted. He planned this out. He moved to different states and committed several crimes in those states. He fled the court and ran for more. Multiple mugshots of his were similar, but he looked like a different man in every single one. He knew how to change his appearance.

How can one man do this?

Because he was smart. Very clever, wise, sneaky. All of the above. He used his skills to his advantage to make people like him, to fool them, to prove them wrong. He was going for law school; he wanted to be a lawyer. He tried out politics to get a reputation.

A person such as Ted Bundy was incredibly talented for covering up murder.

He honestly believed that he did not do it, that he was innocent and that we were the crazy ones.

His brain was like a switch. You switched it one way and he was a nice man with good intentions. You switched it the other way and he scoped out his next killing.

All of this makes our women today adore him. He was good-looking with great jobs. He was a womanizer, but at the same time, he was actually lonely. He longed for that attention, but not in the way you would think.

My point here is that Ted Bundy is NOT, and will NEVER be, hot.

I will admit that he was handsome and charming. A lot of men are. He had a nice smile and even nicer eyes. But when you stared into them, he murdered you without lifting a finger. His look stabbed your soul, and you feel it. He actually received pleasure from watching the life leave from those 30+ women's bodies.

Is he sexy still?

A lot of men are handsome, charming, beautiful. But appearance doesn't matter if you killed, if you cheated, if you lied. If a man does all of those things, they are automatically ugly.

It is one thing to have an opinion and an interest for Ted Bundy's story, but it is another thing for having an obsession with him. It's actually concerning. I know it also doesn't help that Zac Efron plays him in the movie, "Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil, and Vile".

Ted Bundy might be dead, but I am sure he is absolutely giddy with excitement in Hell that you are still talking about him and loving him.

Stop romanticizing over him. Murder is ugly, regardless of what you look like.

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