Since the invention of broadcast radio, people have been drawn to new inventions regarding media and the idea of bringing people together. More specifically, the world wide web has been the culprit that brings the entire universe together, but at what cost?

In recent times, the idea of constantly being connected and aware of multiple things domestically and internationally is vastly popular. But the issue with this constant world of immersion is dangerous to this concept that holds us together as human beings, also known as the human connection. Take this picture for example. Three people are standing within a few feet of each other, but yet they don't even blink at the passing by of each other. They stay stagnant in their own quadrants of the picture, clinging to the content on the other end of their phone.

The internet and this basic idea of connection is so popular that it is almost hard to find someone without technological connection. But this concept of constantly being immersed with data, content and new information is harmful to our basic needs for the human connection. Are we starting to replace our best friends with our cellular device? Do we now hold our cell phones & our best friends to the same level of importance? I sure hope not.

Philosophers and critically acclaimed scholars have discussed how scientific research has proven the recent decline of attention spans in the past few decades. More and more children are diagnosed with things like ADHD (your girl happens to relate) & ADD. These type of mental disorders are caused by things such as a short attention span. By treating your phone like a person, you are allowing the information and context to hold such power over your head. Without the constant information and chaotic social media feed, we start to go crazy and are somehow unable to concentrate on anything longer than a few pictures or a few sentences.

Now, some may argue with me right off the bat and verbalize their opinions about how amazing the Internet is. I completely agree. Without the internet, I wouldn't be able to write this article right now, but there are some downfalls of this amazing & revolutionary technology. Technology forces us to never leave our comfort zone to explore the vast possibilities of the world. It makes us ok with our mediocre reality and terrified of the concept of change, which is inevitable. But how do we balance the necessary aspects of technology and the limits of power that we assign to it?

There is no one specific answer to that question. But there is a way to stay way from mediocre thinking. My first tip is when you feel like technology is something you can't live without, step away (as hard as it is.) I know that is kind of cliche to say, but it will change your life. Listen, I am not here to judge, technology is my best friend so much throughout my day as a college student, but I make sure it is not my priority. It's not my life. Something specific I like to do to bring myself back to what little reality we have left is to write anything that comes to mind in my notebook, staying away from my laptop. By doing this, I get a break and I get to use my I get to use my imagination for a while. I also love to talk to my friends, in person, so that I feel more connected to them, without the use of technology as the medium in order to communicate.

I totally understand that technology is almost necessary & vital to live efficiently in today's current times, however don't forget the authentic need for human connection that we have inside all of us. Even with 2,000 facebook friends, you can still be completely & utterly all alone. And if you cant count any of those facebook friends that you could call when you're feeling lonely, they are not your friends. Technology is. Don't let this happen.