Our generation is the first to grow up with new technology, such as cell phones, computers, etc. Obviously, we are going to use these gadgets to our advantage. I don't understand when people, especially people older than myself, make comments on how this generation is too dependent on their technology and can't live without it. Using our resources does not make us lazy, and just because someone else may have grown up without the privilege of having cool and useful technology, why should we be discouraged from using it?

The idea that technology makes us lazy is quite unfair. Along with the idea that we're lazy, we often are deemed antisocial and uneducated. Of course there are some people who put more effort and time into their cell phone than into having a meaningful conversation, but I feel that using these unique smart devices to get information is faster, and allows us to learn more in a faster time. I believe that using my cell phone or laptop is a valuable asset to me, especially now that I'm in college.

I have any information I could ever need at the touch of a finger, and I can spend less time clarifying and researching facts, and more time learning new things that are interesting and unique to me. I work just as hard at school and at my job despite my cell phone use on breaks and free time.

In many ways my phone is like an add-on to my arm, but I don't use it to cause problems or seem uninterested in the world around me. In fact, many times its the other way around. It may look as though I'm not paying attention in class because my eyes are on my phone screen, but I've found myself on a couple of occasions talking to a friend about the interesting things I've learned in class, and looking up more information about it as quickly as taking a breath.

I try not to let this technology distract me though, because I know that theres a whole world out in front of me when i pick up my head too. I expand my mind every day with new information, ideas, news, etc. Being able to do work faster and more efficiently because I have so much technology to guide me is not something I ignore or easily forget. When I'm able to do work on a computer I move faster, and feel like I can accomplish even more in my day by being able to be more productive in a shorter time.

Additionally, even outside of school or work, I may be using my technology to unwind and relax as well. If I'm spending too much time on my phone, and not doing what I should be doing immediately, give me some time. It may not be that I'm being lazy, but I'm under a lot of stress too. Sometimes we use our cell phones or computer time to give us a break from the stresses of everyday life. There's whole world out in social media that family and even some friends don't always understand or relate to.

Being able to access these quickly can be helpful, but also can lead to a magnitude of other stress too. People like to hide behind their keyboard, and acting in a way like this can make a teenager very stressed out. Using devices can be a relaxation tactic for many teens, so try not to be too hard on your teen if they aren't doing exactly what the should be right away. Teenagers today are under more stress than ever before. There's more work to be done, and more things to be doing every day. We all know what it feels like when some days just seem to go on forever, and sometimes its just nice to have something to relax with.

Just because I may learn or spend my time in a different way than someone older than me might have does not mean I'm learning less. And just because I may use more technology in my daily life does not mean I am lazy. I am learning new and exciting things every day at the touch of a button, and it allows me to open my mind and see the world in a different perspective. My work load is not necessarily lighter with the addition of technological aids to help me, because the faster I can work, the more work can be assigned to me.

There isn't always enough hours in the day, but our generation is far from lazy. We are the ones using new technology to possibly cure diseases and make amazing discoveries that couldn't have happened without smart technology.