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Tech Takeover

Dieting gets a makeover with the introduction of smart technology.

Tech Takeover

For any inspired creative, healthy-eating advocate, or person suffering from a medical condition, the SCiO DietSensor could be your inspiring, saving grace.

The SCiO DietSensor was created by Consumer Physics' CEO and co-founder Drop Sharon. This developed molecular sensor allows anyone to find out the chemical composition of physical objects are around them (food, plants, medication, etc.). Not only does this device connect information from the composition of fruits or vegetables, but it allows it's users to connect to technology in a different way. The SCiO DietSensor is one of the most successful crowd funding campaign that has raised more than $2.7 million on kickstarter.

Dieting is already hard as it is, but for people with specific diets, including diabetes. The SCiO Diet Sensor by Consumer Physics was named a CES 2016 Best of Innovation Awards Honoree for the first instant nutrition coach with sensors, making it one of the 27 best digital innovations in the world.

With over 600,000+ foods and barcodes stored in the Apps catalog, users can find and track foods within their diets to better organize and contour their lifestyles. Not only does the app allow you to track exactly what you eat, but through Bluetooth technology, you can sync and measure exactly how much of each portion you are intaking via a smart scale and see the recommended amount of calories to be spent on each item.

Additional Features include:

- Take photos of your meals and find them again quickly

- Track physical activity, weight, and hydration

- Connect your favorite fitness tracker and body scale

- Receive help from a virtual nutrition coach to reach your goal

How Does It Work?

You may be wondering, how does this 'miracle' sensor work? It's simple! Simply scan the surface of an object at a 90 degree angle and press and hold the SCiO button for one second. In order for the resource to be a successful scan, it is best to work with foods/objects that are homogenous in their texture, meaning that scanning an apple is much easier and more efficient than scanning an entire slice of pizza.

The Applications

Not only can SCiO be used with the DietSensor App, but it can be used for countless applications outside of one's personal health. Whether its identifying aspects of crop samples or analyzing feed for livestock, the SCiO scanner can be used to help protect and promote healthy, nutritional habits.

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