How Can Teachers and Parents Prevent School Injuries?
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How Can Teachers and Parents Prevent School Injuries?

Teachers and parents can play an important role when preventing accidents and injuries at school.

How Can Teachers and Parents Prevent School Injuries?

Children get into all kinds of accidents, they could trip over a toy, bump into another classmate or fall from a swing set. Most of these injuries are minor and just a normal part of children growing up. However, there are other accidents that could cause serious even permanent injuries. Some of these unfortunate accidents include car crashes, using dangerous or defective playground equipment, or bullying. Learn how as a teacher and a parent you can help prevent some of these unfortunate accidents.

Repair or Replace Broken Equipment at School

Make sure that school equipment such as chairs, desks, cafeteria tables, water coolers, and other furniture that children and school staff use are in good condition. If you notice something is broken or not working correctly, inform a teacher or school staff so that it's fixed or replaced.

Use Drop-Off and Pick-Up Zones

Loading and unloading zones are in place to prevent a pedestrian or a car accident. Cars and pedestrians are generally more cautious around these areas, they are aware that children are hopping on and off of vehicles and they are constantly passing by. Also, there is a low-speed limit that cars are required to follow. If you decide to drop off or pick up your kid in another area besides the designated drop-off zone, a car could be passing by quickly and not notice that your child is getting off your car. This could cause a car accident with serious injuries.

Make sure that you use the drop-off and pick-up areas and drive cautiously when you're in them. Before moving your car, check all your mirrors, blind spots, and that all the children are safely seated, to avoid an accident. Drive slowly and be prepared to stop in case a child wants to cross in front of you. If you are in a preschool or around younger children it's important to be extra careful, toddlers don't always understand the risks of crossing a street or walking in front of a car. If your school uses a bus system there are certain safety procedures and equipment that will help prevent a pedestrian accident when children are loading and unloading buses.

Supervise Children Around Playgrounds

Playground equipment is usually designed for kids to play and enjoy safely, however, if playground equipment is defective or broken, it could cause some serious injuries. A report by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission found that each year approximately 200,000 children were injured while using playground equipment. Most of these accidents were caused by inadequate supervision. According to injury attorneys Panish Shea & Boyle, a school could be held liable if they failed to properly supervise children using playground equipment or if the equipment was defective or dangerous and they didn't replace or fix it.

Prevent Slip and Falls

Slipping and falling accidents are some of the most common accidents children suffer at school and at home. Children can trip on objects on the classroom floor or slip on a wet surface. To avoid this from happening, make sure spills are cleaned up as soon as possible and ask children to be careful if there are toys or other objects scattered on the floor. If there are rugs in the classroom you can secure them by using a rug pad or double-sided carpet tape. Most slip and fall injuries are minor, but they are still worth preventing.

Teach Sports Ethics to Children

Sports injuries are not uncommon, it's just one of the risks all children take when playing sports. But sometimes children can get frustrated or angry and misbehave during a game. Teach your children about good sportsmanship and how they should control their emotions if they lose a game or have a conflict with another player. Teach your children that it's not okay to push, shove, or bully any other kid and that it will not be tolerated. If your child engages in this behavior, punish them accordingly and explain to them why what they did was wrong and why they should never do it again. Teaching children early on how to control their emotions and behave in sports will show them that they should respect people in other areas of life as well, not just in sports.

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