How Schools Are Navigating the COVID-19 Crisis With Teach to One
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How Schools Are Navigating the COVID-19 Crisis With Teach to One

Teach to One: Math's innovative personalized learning platform is meeting the needs of students nationwide that are adjusting to their new remote learning environments

How Schools Are Navigating the COVID-19 Crisis With Teach to One

As schools across the country remain closed during the COVID-19 pandemic, school districts have quickly adapted to the change to maintain participation and continued success among their students. Collaboration between teachers, schools, and school districts has been key in preparing remote learning lesson plans and identifying new ways to keep students engaged.

At its core, Teach to One: Math is a collaborative platform that offers flexibility with a personalized learning approach that tailors daily lessons to each student's abilities. The modality is typically taught in a large, open learning center where students can physically engage with other students and teachers to complete the block curriculum. Teach to One's success has been due in large part to its collaborative approach in bringing the core principles of math concepts together and meeting students where they are in their learning journeys.

Schools that are in partnership with Teach to One have seen incredible results from their students as they have shifted to remote learning, and the students are not the only ones benefiting from this approach. Teachers engaged with the modality have reported feeling more support both in and out of the virtual classroom. Here is a snapshot of some Teach to One school partners and how they are navigating teaching during COVID-19:

Ector County ISD in Texas reports that collaboration is key to success.

As soon as schools closed in Ector County, Texas, three middle school math teachers took the collaborative approach of Teach to One to an online platform, working collaboratively to ensure that student needs were met and engagement remained high. Ector County ISD Superintendent Scott Muir notes that the students enjoy working in groups collaboratively on projects, so the high participation rates among students working remotely should not have come as a shock. Teacher collaboration has grown to include more teachers in the county who are utilizing the approach.

LEARN 6 in North Chicago, Illinois, says that teachers bonding from a distance improves student learning.

Math teachers from LEARN 6 in North Chicago have been utilizing the Teach to One approach for five years. Many students at LEARN 6 come from military families, and the personalized learning approach that Teach to One offers has allowed teachers to prepare for learning gaps and varied content knowledge that can result from military relocation. Due to school closures, the LEARN 6 math team has developed a closer bond than ever before. Knowing that self-care is an important part of delivering the best of themselves to their students, the team has begun to participate in virtual Zumba classes.

MS 88 in Brooklyn, New York, encourages student engagement with love and support.

Teachers at MS 88 in Brooklyn want their students to know that social distancing is hard on all of us, but a team is strongest when it works together. During their remote learning sessions, the teachers have identified ways to encourage a sense of community and connection by offering simple yet significant messages. The school has also created a remote learning guide to help students navigate at-home learning, which includes school contact information and mental health services.

SLAM! North Middle School in North Miami Beach, Florida, prevents learning losses with videoconferencing.

Teach to One modality teachers at SLAM! North Middle School have taken to Zoom to promote collaboration among student groups to ensure engagement and prevent learning losses. The teachers have opened additional office hours to students when they need them. The positive impact of this innovative approach is evident in the 90 percent completion rate of students' daily exit slips.

Phoenix International Academy in Phoenix, Arizona, takes student success personally.

The staff at Phoenix International Academy (PIA) knows that it takes a village to support its students. The PIA community has its challenges, and the students and their families often face hardships and lack basic essentials. Because student success and health is so important to the school, the team has taken initiative to provide personalized assistance to students as they navigate remote learning and social distancing. The teachers have delivered laptops and meals to students in need so that their education and health does not suffer.

Because of the collaborative and highly personalized approach that Teach to One offers, it's no surprise that these schools are going above and beyond to ensure their students' success.

About New Classrooms Innovation Partners

Founded in 2011, New Classrooms Innovation Partners is an independent, national nonprofit that is on a mission to bring personalized learning to students across the country. Its innovative learning modality, Teach to One: Math, is an award-winning educational solution that has redesigned the traditional classroom learning experience. Teach to One creates content that engages students by meeting them where they are in their educational journeys. Teach to One uses an open concept classroom and applies technology, independent learning, and collaborative learning to help students understand the daily curriculum.

Prior to launching Teach to One: Math, Joel Rose and Chris Rush, co-founders of New Classrooms, launched School of One, a middle-grade math solution designed to improve students' learning experiences at NYC Public Schools. In 2009, School of One was named Best Invention of the Year by Time magazine. Teach to One: Math was built from the same principles as School of One and is now available in schools nationwide. Teach to One: Math ensures that students learn the right math lessons at the right time and in a way that meets their individual needs. To learn more about New Classrooms and Teach to One: Math, visit

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