Reasons Why Taylor Swift And I Should Be BFF's
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Here's Why Taylor Swift And I Should Be Best Friends

Just give me a call anytime Taylor.

Here's Why Taylor Swift And I Should Be Best Friends

1. We go way back

Well, technically WE don't go way back just my obsession with her does. I remember back in '06 when I first heard "Our Sing" and tried to recreate her spiral curls. Best friends should know each others history and I definitely do. We may have missed each others awkward stages but don't worry T, I've seen videos of your "awkward" stages.

2. I brag about her 24/7

Just like every other best friend duo out there, we build each other up and trust me Taylor, there is nobody that I talk about more than you. Have you heard her new song? It's genius. Have you seen her new music video? It was amazing. Have you seen her on tour??? It's a MUST. Taylor, I am always so proud of you and will talk about you in any given situation.

3. I already know her family

When I talk about Taylor with my friends I don't say 'Taylor's mom' anymore, I simply say "Andrea walks around the stadium...." and my friends look at me with a weird look.. "Who is Andrea?" I also know Scott, Meredith, Olivia and Joe... so basically I am already a part of the family.

4. We would have KILLER dance parties

Some people were born with the natural "good dancing" gene and others are care-free and dance like nobody is watching type of dancers. Good news Taylor! We both are care-free dancers who just like to bust a move no matter what. I don't wanna dance, unless I'm dancing with you.

5. She's just a small town girl

Born and raised in...Pennsylvania. Taylor is from a small town in PA called Reading. Now, I am not from PA but I am from a small town in Minnesota. Small town girls have to stick together, so whenever you're in town Tay let me know.

6. We could bake together

Bakers gonna bake, bake, bake, bake, bake... well, okay those aren't the words but you get the idea. It's no secret that T likes to bake and well, so do I.

7. Sephora would make a killing

Miss Swift is the queen of crimson red lips and I just so happen to be the queen of walking into Sephora, putting on a full face of make-up, then leaving the store without buying anything. I can picture us testing lip colors on each other, critiquing and finding the perfect shade. Maybe she could even help me achieve that red lip, classic thing that I like.

8. Her priorities are in check

Taylor has and always will be a role model. She genuinely cares about setting a positive example to her fans which is very rare these days especially in the music industry. Many people have accused her of being fake and doing it just to get attention but I think her efforts get misread. She puts her true, best self out there for everyone to see and that's what makes her a best friend you can look up to.

9. I love her friends

The company you keep is a strong reflection of who you are. Taylor surrounds herself with the best, further proving her status as a total goddess. Selena Gomez is so beautifully vulnerable and musically talented in every shape and form. She's also a vocal advocate for many important causes including mental health. Camila Cabello, Shawn Mendes, Charli XCX and Ed Sheeran are just a few of Taylor's besties who I can never get enough of!

10. We can go on midnight Target runs together

Hey Taylor, I know how often you go to Target and I know how much you love shopping there and well, so do I. After a full night of baking and watching movies we can put our shoes on and make a quick run to Target.

11. We're both detail-oriented

Even Taylor haters have to admit how detail-oriented she is. Whether it comes to her songs, her music videos, her concerts, they are all meticulously planned out. You think you're so sneaky hiding things in your videos but jokes on you, I have figured them all out. So, does that make me your best friend yet?

12. Dry humor is the best humor

If you've scrimmaged through the vast dark corners of the internet for every Taylor Swift interview out there like I have, you've undoubtedly discovered that the girl is pretty damn funny. She has a quick, sharp wit that often goes over an interviewer's head while Taylor keeps a completely straight face, further confusing said interviewer. She's hilarious and even the haters would have to admit it.

13. I absolutely adore her

Well, you've made it this far into the article and if you haven't noticed by now I am absolutely obsessed and in love with Miss Swift. We have so much in common and little does she know, we're basically best friends. Even if I don't ever get the chance to meet her, I know that I will always have her music on repeat no matter what.

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