Taylor Swifts "Lover" Songs: Ranked
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Taylor Swifts "Lover" Songs: Ranked

The old Taylor is not dead! And she CAN come to the phone

Taylor Swifts "Lover" Songs: Ranked

As many of you might know, Taylor Swifts reputation has been to hell and back. She has always had a huge fan base, but with that, a large amount of people who strongly dislike her. As I have seen people admit on social media, she has never really done anything wrong, some people just have a strong distaste for her and her music. Contrarily, i'm one of those annoying white girls who has always been a fan. Begging to go to her legendary concerts, making the most dramatic light up sign in attempts to get invited to the "T-Party", you get the point. And even though many people hated her last album "Reputation", I knew that there was something better coming. Taylor can't keep up that bad girl act forever. And sure enough, we were soon given the Lover album. The first few releases were a little iffy... but now that the whole album is out, heres my ranking of the songs.

I Think He Knows

This song is just plain great and has a good bass for bumpin' in the car.

Paper Rings

This song is so nostalgic, in terms of old T-Swift songs.

Miss Americana & The Heartbreak Prince

There is nothing but good old Taylor dramatics in this song.

I Forgot That You Existed

This song features the kind of sing-talking that Taylor is so good at doing... and it slaps.


Even if you don't have a significant other, you can find something to relate to in this song. It's so cute!

London Boy

I can already quote the intro line to this song word for word because its my favorite part.

Cruel Summer

This is a good song if your in the mood for something a little slower but that can still get you in your feels.

It's Nice To Have A Friend

This song is relatable and has a unique feel to it.

Death By A Thousand Cuts

This song is a very popular one according to my social media feed and is also allegedly based off of a Netflix movie.

Cornelia Street

Another fan favorite, but a little too slow for me. Maybe I need to go through a breakup?


This song is chilled out but has a good rhythm in the chorus.

The Man

This tells a very good message that rings true to Taylor's recent events, and other listeners can relate as well.

You Need To Calm Down

One of the first releases that wasn't too popular but is pretty catchy (admit it).

Soon You'll Get Better

The ONLY reason this song is so far down on the list is because I haven't been able to listen to it all the way through before I start to tear up and subsequently change the song.

False God

The sax in this song is SO good and different for Taylor!


One of the more mellow songs...


Annoyingly animated, but sadly, can be catchy...

The Archer

I really can not get into this song. I'm sorry Taylor.

My opinions on these songs may change, with live events and emotions. But for the time being this is the ranking and this is how I feel about each song. And yes, I will be attending a Lover tour concert.

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