Taylor Swift is reviving the Speak Now era and I love it

Speak Now era was my absolute favorite. I loved the fantasy and world-building in that era. Taylor Swift's new music video for her collab with Brandon Urie was an explosion of color, pastels, rainbows, and magic. I'm all for the glittery goodness and poppy beats. I can't wait for the new music to come and the quintessential Taylor Swift extras that will go with it. I'm so happy that she is back to life from her dark Reputation era and she is so vibrantly happy. If this isn't the self-love anthem of the season, I don't know what is.

I always get pumped for the new Taylor album, yet I haven't been completely satisfied with them since Red. 1989 was great and had a lot of good bops, but I'm still waiting for a track-list that is as perfect as Speak Now. I'm hoping the rest of the songs are as fun to listen to as "Me" is. Of course, I love her more angsty tracks as well. Even though TayTay is lucky in love these days, I'm sure we'll get some of those songs too. I know that through every era, she puts in more work and never stops growing, which I love about her. She deserves all the hype she gets and I'm certain this new album will be amazing.

Getting a summer album is everything I could dream for. We need a joyful and peppy collection of songs to sing along to in the car and dance to as we chill at the beach. Taylor has already dropped a lot of hints about this new era and has promised that the release date is hidden somewhere for fans to find. The song "Story of Us" was one of the earlier hints about this album, as she assured she was excited for 'The Next Chapter', and "Story of Us" is 4:26 minutes long (AKA April 26th, the release date of "Me!"). So I have no doubt the hard-core swifties will have the answers for us real soon.

I can bet that this era will have more collabs with surprise artists. I never expected a duo of Tay and Panic at the Disco, especially with a song like this. However, I think it was a good idea and definitely created something unique. Whether you hate or love the song, it will still probably be stuck in your head for the next few weeks (the lyrics are very catchy, after all). I'm excited to see if she collaborates with anyone else and what that will bring. I also hope that there are more music videos to come because this one was so much fun to watch. I love that each video gets more creative!

Here is hoping that we get new songs super soon and that all fans (and non-fans) can have new tracks to crank up the radio too. I can't wait to see what this new Taylor Swift era will bring.

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