The Taylor Swift Songs That Still Leaves Every Real Fan 'Haunted'

The Taylor Swift Songs That Still Leaves Every Real Fan 'Haunted'

Songs without radio playtime, but still worthy of constant listening.

The Last Time

This song’s concept is simple in my interpretation: someone just wants to be put first.

Many people I’m sure have been in situation where they are cool and accepting with being second or third in someone’s priorities because life happens.

Whatever may be going on in your interest’s life whether it be work, friends, school, whatever it may be, you just never seem to be first. It can be painful, humiliating, and stressful, especially if it happens all the time.

This song captures a situation where you realize enough is enough, no apology, excuse, or promise can be enough to fix the damage. This song is a reminder to remember your worth in a relationship.

Begin Again

I vibe with this song because it’s not about heart break or heart ache, it’s about getting excited about getting excited about someone new.

This song just serves as hope for the relationship I hope we are all lucky to have someday.

All the things your past person may not have liked about you, someone will love them someday.

I also enjoy the lines: “I think it’s strange that you think I’m funny, cause he never did”, and by enjoy I mean they break my heart.

We all deserve someone who will laugh at our jokes and be silly with us, even if they must pretend.

The Moment I Knew


This song will hit you hard if you’ve ever been let down by someone you like. You get dressed up knowing you are going to see them, because they said you would; but plans change, and they end up not showing up.

If you’ve ever experienced a situation like that, you will understand how much it hurts. This song portrays a situation like that perfectly– too relatable.


I am so moved by this song and the emotions behind it.

There is something so powerful and painful behind Taylor’s voice whenever she performs it– and I’ve watched dozens of different performances of Haunted, there was power and pain each time.

This song is literally haunting.

It taunts the listener with the scenario of liking someone that you thought you knew, but who changed their mind and left you behind. You can never completely recover or move on from something like that, at least not right away.


In middle school this song was on repeat and I would cry every time I listened to it, I don’t know why I thought I could relate to this song, BUT it hit me hard.

This song will hit you hard if you’ve ever liked someone that didn’t like you back– which I think has happened to everyone at least once– even if it’s just crushing on a celebrity, the emotions can still be real.

This song will also hit you hard if you have ever found yourself comparing yourself to someone you thought was more attractive, funny, sociable, ect., it’s a matter of not feeling good enough compared to someone else.

Call It What You Want

This song is not the new Taylor, but not the old Taylor.

This song hits me because it’s about someone who is with you through it all: the good, the bad, understands your past, and will be by your side in the future.

This song just makes me happy for Taylor. It’s clearly about her new boyfriend, just like almost every song on 'reputation'.

You Are In Love

This song will make you want to fall and be in love, I guarantee it.

Taylor wrote this song after asking her friend, Lena Dunham, who at the time was in a long relationship with Jack Antanoff, the other mastermind behind 1989 and 'reputation', what it was like to fall in love.

Taylor proceeded by writing a lyrical story filing in the blanks of those emotions and events Lena expressed. I think this song is a masterpiece.

I sure as hell want to be in love someday like how this song portrays it.

New Year’s Day

If you miss the old Taylor, this 'reputation' song will be nostalgic for you.

I appreciate this song for its simplicity.

I interpret it as about enjoying love while you have it– whether it be unconditional, romantic, passionate, friendly, or of kin.

It’s an expression of gratitude you have for a person’s presence and place in your life.

We all have those people in our lives that will hold a special part in our hearts. We don’t want to grow apart from them, and this song kind of speaks to that, in my opinion.


I love this song so much because I can imagine the entire song playing out in my head.

Who wouldn’t want to dance in the rain with someone they like?

Cheesy as hell, but you know if someone you liked wanted to do it, you would.

Also, we all have hopes of getting so caught up in someone that we don’t remember to keep our guard up and fight the emotions and feelings. We just want to let them in because it feels natural to do so.


This is one of Taylor’s masterpieces in the 1989 era.

I’ve been obsessed with this song recently– and by obsessed, I mean listening to it on repeat for like a week straight.

I appreciate the hints of Alice in Wonderland themes in this song– which was an inspiration for the song.

I love this song because of the story it tells: two people who just get so caught up in one another that they forget about their reality.

Cover Image Credit: Taylor Swift//Instagram

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Our Zanessa Hearts Are Full Again

For anyone who loved Zac and Vanessa together, this news is for you.


Anyone who grew up during the High School Musical era was obsessed. They loved the songs, and the movie was constantly on repeat. Nothing else was thought or talked about during the years of the High School Musical hype.

The one thing we all shared in common was our love for Zac Efron. He was the heartthrob of our generation. Nobody else could compare to him.

The only thing that made not having the unobtainable Zac Efron was the fact he was dating his co-star and onscreen love, Vaness Hudgens. That truly was what dreams were made of. If you couldn't have Zac at least he was dating Vanessa.

The ship name Zanessa came about, and HSM fans were ecstatic. What could be better than having Troy and Gabriella dating in real life? The answer is absolutely nothing.

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It's been nearly 10 years since then, and there is hope for us all again! Well, at least a sliver of it.

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