Taylor Swift Engaged?

Rumors are swirling around that the "You Need To Calm Down" Singer is engaged to her boyfriend of 3 years Joe Alwynn. The rumors are based off a lyric she tweeted oddly resembling the wedding tradition of something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. The rumors are also based on her liking a Tumblr post on a similar matter.

Here's the thing. We as human beings should not care or judge if she is or is not engaged. Everyone's lives run on their own timeline everyone prioritizes different things. Also it is not insane for here to be engaged yet everyone is treating it like a monuments occasion.

Although Taylor Swift is someone who is known for her relationships with A list celebrities she seems to be truly happy and if Joe Alwyn is contributing to her happiness can't we all just get over it. There are people who are so rude and hateful because of random reasons like the Kayne debate. I think that we just need to be happy for other people's happiness.

Regardless of if Taylor Swift is engaged are not should not be our focus. We do not need to speculate and judge if we are right or wrong. We just have to let Taylor Swift be her own person and if they are engaged congratulations if not that is cool too.

Just be happy. Taylor Swift deserves to be happy.

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