There's No Reason To Have An Issue With Taylor Swift
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There's No Reason To Have An Issue With Taylor Swift

Haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate

There's No Reason To Have An Issue With Taylor Swift
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Just in case you've been living under a rock, Taylor Swift has returned and she's even bigger than she's ever bee, something a lot of us didn't think was possible after her record-breaking 1989 album and tour.

To quote her new song Look What You Made Me Do the old Taylor is dead and a new one has risen up.

And it's really making a lot of people angry, angrier than people usually get at Taylor Swift for doing what she does best.

I saw a post on Facebook how you can be Taylor or Kesha and slamming Taylor for basically writing a song about not wanting to be walked all over and becoming a new person who doesn't want to get knocked around anymore or hurt people and get revenge. It was from a "feminist" page too, pretty pathetic to call yourself a feminist and say those things about a powerful woman.

In case you didn't know, Kanye West and all of his classiness wrote a song called Famous where he said that I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex. Why? I made that b**** famous (God d***)".

That's hurting people. Writing a song where you don't name any names isn't, thank you very much.

I know where Taylor is coming from, I completely understand the way she responded because it's absolutely genius. When you spend years being looked at as too nice, too naive and someone that can get pushed around easily, you eventually get sick and tired of it all. I'm feeling that way right now, just like Taylor was when she wrote this last song.

And then her second single was released recently as well, but this was a song about a romance and we all know how people react when she writes a song about a relationship.

The thing that makes Taylor Swift the best selling record artist in the digital era is that she's relatable. Her music speaks to people from ages 13-40 at the very least. Everyone has felt like their heart has been broken, everyone has felt betrayed by a friend or a boyfriend before, everyone can relate to the things she writes about because she writes about her life experiences and she's brutally honest.

Being heartbroken is awful if you knew how to make a heartbreak sting a little less or had a way to make it feel better like songwriting wouldn't you write songs too? If you knew that your songs about your experience would get other girls through some of the hardest times in their lives wouldn't you want to put them out there for everyone to hear?

I know I would.

I grew up with Taylor Swift, I was 9 years old when her first album was released and I remember getting her first album for Christmas the year it came out along with a brand new CD player with speakers. Every album after that I got the day it came out because I felt like she had gone through everything I was going through.

I could listen to songs like Teardrops On My Guitar when I had a crush on a boy in middle school who didn't think of me as anything more than another friend. I could listen to picture to burn when I was mad at a boy for being stupid (and to be completely honest I still do it).

I could listen to Mary's Song when I wanted to listen to a song about real love. I listened to Fearless when I felt like I was on Cloud Nine because a boy finally noticed me as something more than my brother's older sister my junior year of high school. And now, at nearly 20 years old, I listen to Look What You Made Me Do when I want to get fired up and feel like a new person who's learned from everything that I've gone through.

But still, she can do nothing right.

When popstar Kesha was going through legal battles against her label and producer who she claimed had sexually abused her, Taylor donated a quarter of a million dollars for legal fees and "feminist" Demi Lovato threw shade at her because she wasn't "doing anything".

During her Red tour, Taylor was groped by a radio DJ from Colorado during a meet and greet. He stuck his hand up her skirt and grabbed her bare butt while she took a photo with him and his companion.

Taylor didn't say anything until after the meet and greet session was over so the rest of the fans who had waited in line to meet her got their experience. Her guards, however, told the DJ and his companion that they were not allowed back in the venue for the show and never allowed at another Taylor Swift show for the rest of his life.

Her team told the radio station this DJ worked for about the incident, but they didn't press charges. The DJ was then, in turn, fired for his disgusting actions.

He decided to then sue Taylor for over a million dollars in damages because he said it was her fault that he got fired.

She countersued for $1 because, as she said, it wasn't about money, it was about letting people know that you can't get away with assaulting someone and traumatizing them for the rest of the lives no matter who they are.

The case against her was thrown out and she won her case yet she was still attacked.

That's right, the girl was attacked for countersuing the person who sexually assaulted her.

And the feminists of the internet were nowhere, and neither was MIss "do something don't just donate money" Demi Lovato or other stars who are such feminists.

And it's quite ridiculous.

So unless you're a mean girl, a boy who breaks hearts or just someone who hates seeing people flourish and be successful, I'm not exactly sure why you would have an issue with her.

And as for her "dating habits"? The girl is 27, nearly 28, years old and has been in the spotlight under constant scrutiny since she was 16 years old and publicly dated 8 different guys.

Big freaking deal, I know people who dated more people than that before they graduated college, get over yourself, especially if you call yourself a feminist and are "anti slut shaming".

There are a handful of other stars I can name off of the top of my head who have also grown up in the spotlight who haven't handled it nearly as well as Taylor has. If the worst thing she's done is broken up with a boy and written a song about it then I think she's doing pretty good considering other former teen stars who have been in the media because of their drug problems, drinking habits, and scandals that are much bigger than dating Harry Styles.

Besides, the girl is a total genius, I mean, have you seen her new video for Look What You Made Me Do? Just Google it, every scene has a reference to an accusation made by the media in reference to her, shade thrown by other artists or stars or something that's happened in her life. It's genius and it's now the most viewed video on YouTube in the history of the site, a feat she pulled off in 36 hours.

She's obviously doing something right because I can guarantee she was more successful than 95% of the population will ever be by the time she was 21.

So, instead of being rude and making it obvious how jealous you are of her, try enjoying her music for what it really is, an art form and some of the best songwriting of this decade.

But if you still want to be rude and nasty and attack her? She'll just shake it off because the haters are gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate but she'll continue to shatter records

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