49 Thoughts I Had While Listening to Taylor Swift's New Album For The First Time
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49 Thoughts I Had While Listening to Taylor Swift's New Album For The First Time

Spoiler alert: It is a rollercoaster of emotions.

49 Thoughts I Had While Listening to Taylor Swift's New Album For The First Time
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Just a few months ago, Taylor Swift released a surprise album: "folklore." It was met with praise from critics and fans alike. Last night, Taylor Swift did it again. She did a surprise release of her 9th studio album "evermore." As a huge Swiftie, I needed to listen to it ASAP, and it certainly was everything I hoped it would be. These two albums have certainly been a highlight of 2020. Here are 49 thoughts I had while listening to "evermore" for the very first time.

1. I have no idea how this album's Bon Iver collab could possibly live up to "exile." 

Seriously. That song is the best.

2. I'm a little nervous to start listening to this, I have such high expectations.

Okay, here we go.

3. Okay, I'm actually not totally in love with the chorus on "willow". The verses are really nice.

4. Oh my Lord, is Taylor Swift actually 30??

*frantically googling* I swear the song "22" JUST came out. But no, she's definitely 30.

5. *trying to figure out what "champagne problems" is about*

there's a proposal? a rejection? maybe... not?

6. OMG the piano at the end!! 

7. 10 seconds into "gold rush" and I think this song ​has real potential to be my favorite.

8. Hehe, the "folklore" reference in "gold rush." 

"My mind turns your life into folklore"


10. I need to pause the songs and look up the lyrics to see the deeper meanings I'm missing. 

11. Is "'tis the damn season" going to be a holiday song?

12. It is not. It should have been. 

13. Was that a reference to "Blank Space"????

'tis the damn season: "You could call me babe for the weekend"

Blank Space: "I can make the bad guys good for a weekend"

Maybe not, but I'd like to think yes.


15. Love the Robert Frost reference in "'tis the damn season."

"and the road not taken looks real good now"

16. "tolerate it" better be an angry breakup song

17. YES. This is what I needed out of this song. 

Not exactly a breakup song but SIS. THIS IS GOOD STUFF. And where's this man she's singing about? I just wanna talk.

18. Oh Lord, there's sirens in this one. I thought the police where at my house.

19. WE BOPPIN' TO "no body, no crime."

20. Should I know who Haim is? 

*more frantic googling*


22. "no body, no crime" better have a good freakin' music video. 

Seriously, not to give this song a music video WOULD be a crime.

23. "happiness" is actually making me cry.

24. This song hurts so good. 

If you've ever had a broken heart you'll really feel this one.

25. "happiness" is the best song on this album so far. It's going to be hard to beat. 

This song is going to give "All Too Well" a run for it's money for "Taylor Swift song that made me cry the most".

26. "dorothea" is super cute. I wonder if it fits in somehow with the other teenagers Taylor Swift sings about on the sister album "folklore"??

27. THERE IS 100% A "Dear John" REFERENCE IN "coney island"!!!!!!!!

coney island: "Did I paint your blue skies darkest gray?"

Dear John: "You paint me a blue sky and go back and turn it to rain"


28. Oh man, "ivy" is definitely about a lady cheating on her husband.

29. The best thing about all of this is the different personas she takes on in her songs. 

30. Does... Does "cowboy like me" have anything to do with the Cody Johnson song?

31. I don't think this has anything to do with Cody Johnson.

But he definitely does have a song and an album called "Cowboy Like Me."

32. I have absolutely no idea what this song is about but I'm still gonna jam. 

33. I'm just ready for this Bon Iver track. 

34. "long story short" is up there with my favorites so far.

35. Why are these lyrics so relatable?

36. Oh gosh who is Marjorie and how did she die?

37. I miss Marjorie and I didn't even know her.

38. I think I'm going to have to go back and listen to "marjorie" a few more times later to understand it better.

39. Man that "featuring Bon Iver" song is getting closer and closer. 

40. I am living for the break-up/post break-up songs on this album.

We love to see a woman who knows she deserves better!!!

41. "closure" is going to be one I keep on repeat. 


I hope I'm not hyping it up too much in my head...

43. Well, she also named the album this song's title so it must be good.

44. Geez I have a feeling this song is going to hurt my heart. 

45. Is it just me or does it feel like we're talking about dealing with mental health issues here?

Love it. Yes, queen.

46. I might be tearing up a little bit again. 

47. The song "evermore" certainly did not disappoint. Can't wait to put it on repeat. 

48. I NEED MORE. Why can't I stream the bonus tracks?? 

49. I need to start the whole thing over again from the beginning and listen again immediately.  

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