When it comes to getting a tattoo, some of us plan them out months in advance while others get them on a whim. There's no right or wrong way to decide the time for a new tattoo. Regardless there are a few tips to keep in mind every time you decide to get some new ink on your skin.

Come Prepared.

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Always show up with reference photos. The artist needs to know what you're looking to get in order to give you the best possible piece. You're not telepathic and they do not mind readers. I got a tattoo recently and a girl walked in with a whole binder of references for what she was looking for. While that might be a little overboard, but at least come in with something.

Don't be afraid to say no.

If you're not happy with what the artist has drawn up, TELL THEM! It's not rude or mean, it's something that will be on your body forever (or until you cover it up/remove it) so it should be something you are 100% happy with. You're paying them, so make sure it's worth it.


This might seem like the complete opposite from the last point, but don't be afraid to compromise. If the artist doesn't think your idea or placement will work, trust them. They're supposed to be the expert after all. If you're really set on having a certain design in a specific spot, tell them. And if they explain why they think it won't work or if it would work better someplace else, listen to them.

Listen to YOUR artist for aftercare.

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The reason I'm emphasizing this is because there are different steps for the aftercare process. If your artist tells you to leave the bandage on for a week do as they say. If they say to leave it on for a few hours, leave it on for a few days.

Make sure it means something to you.

There doesn't need to be a deep meaning behind your tattoo, so long as it means something to you. Not all tattoo have to be philosophical, it could be anything. Of course, you should steer clear of anything offensive, but aside from that, you do you boo boo.

Tattoos are a fun way to express yourself for everyone to see. They can be simple and small, large and elaborate, or anywhere in between. So long as you like it, that's all that matters. Just keep these few things in mind when getting your next one.