Tattoos tend to get a bad stereotype, but now that I've gotten my second one I'd like to say why tattoos are amazing.

I got my first tattoo with my sister as a way to express my love for her. We were both very happy to get the words in Arabic as a way to honor each other and where we come from. My second tattoo was a cross that I wanted to define my faith and love for my religion. Both of these tattoos mean a lot to me and I'm very happy that they will always be apart of me.

To fully explain the beauty of tattoos I need to explain the story behind my second tattoo. About 5 days ago I was having one of the worst days I've had in college. I was stressed by money and a class with a rude unorganized teacher. After going into a class, and taking a quiz that I know I failed, I felt like I needed something. Now the reason I got a cross goes back to a day before my quiz where I had suddenly gotten a refund, something that had lifted the stress of money off of my shoulders. As a way to remind myself that I always have a blessing on the way ,because of my love and faith in God, I got a tattoo.

This tattoo isn't just a way of reminding myself that I will make it threw my days, but it's also a way of allowing people to know that I will never be ashamed of what I believe. The fact that a tattoo can show this to others and even myself shows the power and beauty that is behind tattoos. Despite your religion, origin, or life story, tattoos can be a way to express to yourself and others what you've been through and what your values are.

Now, not everyone marinates over what tattoo they will get, but even if they don't that doesn't mean their tattoo doesn't mean anything. Even a spur of the moment tattoo can hold memories of being with friends or showing a fearlessness of life.

Tattoos can also be a way of someone expressing their love for art. I don't know about anyone else, but I think it is amazing to be able to walk around and display your art for the world to see.

I think the biggest argument people use against tattoos is that someday they may be regretted. Yes it is very possible, but for one you can have those tattoos removed if it comes to the extent. What I want everyone to remember though is that you will always have something that you don't like about yourself and although a tattoo could have be prevented at least it's something that you can look at and see a memory and even a lesson to learn on.

If you're someone who doesn't agree with tattoo's just remember that you don't get an opinion because it's not your body.