Tati Westbrook Is The Best Friend We All Need In Our Lives

Tati Westbrook Is The Best Friend We All Need In Our Lives

Here is the tea of why Tati is much more than a beauty vlogger.


Whether you are familiar or not with beauty gurus, there is one name you need to know, and that is Tati Westbrook. She has been posting YouTube beauty videos for years now. With all of the drama that occurs in the beauty world, there is still one person who isn't causing tons of controversy and their videos aren't so dramatic that you lose sight of the meaning of beauty. When you watch Tati's videos, by the end of it you feel relaxed and that you can trust what she is saying. I believe that Tati Westbrook is the best friend we all need in our lives or at least we should strive to be more like her. Not all of us can be best friends with her (that would be goals though), but I feel that every one of us can take qualities from her to better ourselves and relationships.

Do you have a friend that you know will tell you if you have food in between your teeth or that your fly is undone? Tati would be that friend. When you watch her videos, there isn't a gimmicky feel to it or a vibe that she is being bought by beauty companies. They are her thoughts and opinions, whether she is talking about drugstore or high-end products. She isn't afraid to give constructive ideas or high praise when needed, but it never feels too harsh or fake. I feel like that is one of the biggest reasons why Tati has stood out in the beauty world. When she is giving a review, you can walk away knowing so much more and feeling more confident in what you purchase. I know before I ever buy makeup, I will research her arsenal of videos before making an investment. Honestly, if it isn't already, the term "Tati-Approved" should be trademarked because that's how much her opinion means to the beauty universe. Having a friend you can trust to be honest with you is one of the top things you should think about, because if you can't, why are you friends with them?

If you ever decide to sit down and watch some beauty videos, you will find a lot of forced laughter or over the top acting that accompanies reviews or tutorials. After a while, it can get very old and just feel fake. When you watch Tati's videos though, you get to see her kind of awkward-silly side. With some blooper scenes or candid reactions to things she does, you can't help appreciate the toned down products she puts out. There is subtle humor here or there with adding a pop culture reference like "The Office," but it is never to the point where you feel like exiting out of her videos because it is just too much. Just like you need an honest friend, having a slightly silly friend is essential in your life.

Even though Tati is making huge amounts of money by becoming a successful businesswoman with her YouTube channel, GlamLifeGuru, and starting her own beauty business Halo Beauty, she doesn't seem to let her success get to her head. It appears that she hasn't lost touch with who she was before her fame and is willing to give back. One significant difference between her and other beauty gurus is that she isn't sponsored by makeup brands. When companies reach out to her to pay her for her positive reviews of products, rather than accepting the money, she tells them to donate the money to charities to support people in need. She has recognized that she is well off in life and that there are others who need the financial help more than her. More than that, she realizes how complicated reviewing products can be once you become the face of a brand. She has recently begun sponsoring the Clarisonic brand after using their products for a decade, but she hardly ever does reviews on their products. I believe this is how she remains honest in her reviews because she isn't being bought out by companies. She has stayed strong with her values and beliefs throughout her growth of fame, and that is something that we all can work towards throughout our successes.

Tati has had some drama over the past year with the makeup brand, Too Faced, but in a recent video of hers she talks about her unpopular opinions and reflects on her grudge with them. I feel like this is the final reason that Tati Westbrook is the best friend. We all should have is that her apology felt genuine, but most importantly she healthily handled her issues with grace. In the video, she acknowledges that she shouldn't have shared her feelings in an early video because now she regrets stirring the pot so much. We are all human and make mistakes, but being a bigger person in life is realizing you messed up, apologizing, and moving on rather than continually causing issues and drama.

I get it, Tati is a "YouTuber" and all of her videos are beauty based, and all the other lame excuses when it comes to beauty and why it isn't important. There is so much more to beauty and Tati than what an onlooker may believe—she is a role model to so many people and has become a trusted friend through YouTube. No matter what you're interested in, we all could use a friend like Tati in our lives to make our world more beautiful.

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I don't understand why you haven't bought a pair yet.

Crocs have the perception of being the world's ugliest shoe, or sometimes you hear wearing them is "social suicide". Well, I'm here to tell you everything you've heard is wrong.

1. They go with everything

Personally, after finding the perfect outfit to wear to class, I struggle finding the right shoe to wear. I think about all the walking I'm going to have to do and I always grab my Crocs. Whether I'm wearing jeans, yoga pants or even sweatpants, Crocs are always my go-to. I mean, look at these people, doesn't look like social suicide to me. Looks pretty damn good.

2. They're extremely comfortable

If you ask anyone who owns a pair of Crocs, I guarantee you they'll tell you how comfortable these shoes are. It's like walking on memory foam or a cloud, whatever anaolgy you want to use.

3. The color range is fantastic

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Most of this shocking and extremely awesome information was found on the Crocs website, where you should go because I know after reading this, you really want a pair.

Cover Image Credit: Google

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I Bought My First 'Big Girl' Purse And, Damn, I Feel Like A Badass

If you see me around with my Kate Spade purse feeling like a badass, mind ya business.


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Over spring break, I decided to take some of my advice and made two big investments.

The first one was my Canon DSLR. But we all knew that one was coming because I had been saving up my paychecks for months since last year and was ready to invest in something that would ultimately help me perfect a skill I had been wanting to learn for a while.

The other investment was a Kate Spade purse that even caught me off guard because I didn't exactly expect myself to want a purse. But you know that feeling of not knowing you needed something until you saw it? Well, that was me and from the moment I saw it, I knew there was no going back. So, I went into the store and dropped the money on the purse and just didn't look back at the impulsive decision I had just made, which was actually going against my New Year's resolution of being smarter with my money.

But you know what, treat yo self.

And if you expected me to feel bad about my purse, surprise! I don't feel bad one bit.

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So, if you see me around with my Kate Spade purse feeling like a badass, mind ya business.

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