Tell All On The United States Tariffs On Mexican Goods
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Tell All On The United States Tariffs On Mexican Goods

And what this means for you.

Tell All On The United States Tariffs On Mexican Goods

Border security and the current defective immigration system have been subject to increased discussion throughout domestic and international politics. This issue stems from the increasing masses of people attempting to and successfully crossing the United States' southern border. As turmoil builds between dissenting opinions on the matter, little effective actions are being taken to solve the problem.

President Trump has recently proposed the idea of imposing tariffs on Mexican produced goods as a way to enlist the Mexican government, as well as the US Congress, to take charge and find a solution. Foreseeably, similarly to the majority of his ideas, the idea of tariffs on Mexico has fallen into a pool of hot water. So what exactly do the tariffs mean for Mexico, and how will they affect the United States?

Historically, the United States strives to stay out of trade controversy and has implemented free trade agreements with many nations worldwide to prevent discrimination and protect the sanctity of the competitive market. This helps protect the consumers, by providing a variety of goods at similar prices (not influenced by excess taxes on imported goods). But the idea of what is best for the United States have shifted slightly, and tariffs have been enacted to punish other nations (there goods with tariffs will not be purchased as much), or to give American made goods an advantage. Both have proven positives and negatives.

Amidst proof of effectiveness, Trump's desire to apply these tariffs have a mindset to encourage Mexico's government to talk out the immigration issue, and economically handicap them until they put in sufficient effort to aid the United States. Many controversies initiated by this plan, detail the suggestion that the causation of the tariffs will negatively affect the citizens of the United States, by increasing the prices of items frequented from Mexico.

Unfortunately, there is no win-win solution, and just like most, Trump's proposal has flaws that have much of Americans scratching their heads. Yet, theoretically, the idea is that if US constituents suffer from the implication of tariffs, that their congresspeople will stop bickering like kids, buckle down, and try to produce to a compromise regarding budget, as well as how to tackle the growing concern of illegal immigration.

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