Texas A&M Has Named Their First Ever Female Mascot Corporal And I'm So For It
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Texas A&M Has Named Their First Ever Female Mascot Corporal And I'm So For It

Gig 'Em, Ladies!

Texas A&M Has Named Their First Ever Female Mascot Corporal And I'm So For It
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If you know anything about Texas A&M, it’s undeniable that they have the most school spirit out of any university in the good ole U.S. of A.

Their campus goings-on are steeped in tradition; from Muster, to Yell Practice, to the 12th Man… and that’s only the first few on the list. A lesser known part of campus culture, however, is Miss Rev and her handler.

Miss Rev is, of course, the school mascot. She’s the ninth in a long line of Reveille’s that started in 1931. Originally, Reveille was given free reign to wander the campus, but in 1960 she was first assigned a handler. Her handler was known as the “Mascot Corporal.” The first Mascot Corporal was a sophomore cadet in company E-2. Every MC since has come from E-2, chosen each Spring.

This is no small responsibility—Miss Rev is the highest ranking member of the Aggieland Corps of Cadets, and the cadet chosen to fulfill this role must accompany her 24/7. That means Reveille goes on dates, to class, home for the holidays and all with her cadet, and in turn he goes everywhere that she must go for her school engagements. Did I mention she’s the highest ranking member of the Corps of Cadets?

That also means, that if Miss Rev sleeps on the bed, our cadet friend is sleeping on the floor. That is dedication. (Tradition also states that if Miss Rev is in class and she barks, the professor should end class because Miss Rev is bored.)

Now, previous to 2017, E-2 was a male company in the Corps. So every handler of Reveille has been male—something a very inspired me was saddened to hear upon my visit to (and subsequent falling in love with) Texas A&M. But there is hope!

Recently (April 13th), following the gender integration of E-2 last year, the first female Mascot Corporal has been selected! (!!!!!!!!!)

This is extremely exciting to me, and not for all of those crazy feminist-forward reasons—but because that means that ANYONE can do it now. Even me!

I now have a pup of my own to care for (which would probably not go over well with Miss Rev), but the fact that many other animal loving Aggies like me who previously wouldn’t have been able to achieve this honor, now have the shot.

A huge and delightful congratulations is owed to Mia Miller, the first ever female Mascot Corporal!

That, my friends, is worthy of a strong Aggie whoop! Gig ‘Em!

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