Talking definition:




  1. engaging in speech.


  1. the action of talking; speech or discussion.
  2. the action of having a casual relationship with someone where you don't date but you are mutually exclusive with them, unless you are talking to multiple people

Talking has become a relationship status that people are really on the fence about. You aren't dating, but you are pretty much exclusive and when you do become dating it's hard to determine when that became official. There are a lot of people who aren't for talking, the hookup culture, or anything that isn't a strictly dating relationship when we should be embracing and encouraging it.

Why is talking so important? The same reason that regular talking is important.

It's a way to learn information and get to know others. If you don't want to talk to someone before dating them, how exactly are you going to even figure out that you want to date them? Talking is a great way to see who someone is and get a feel for how a relationship would be with them before actually committing to it.

Talking doesn't just give you the chance to talk to one person, it gives you the chance to talk to multiple people. When you aren't dating someone officially, you have free rein to explore your options before settling down or choosing to stay single. Talking allows you to figure out what you want or don't want in a relationship.

If you have an issue with talking, my biggest bit of advice would be to stop taking part in it.

If it's something that makes you uncomfortable or causes you to stress or hurt, be very clear with your partner or potential partner exactly what you want. Don't just talk because everyone is doing it. If you have a problem with it, speak up and voice what you want. You might realize that you can talk and have boundaries at the same time.

A lot of times people get the hookup culture and talking confused. They aren't the same thing. If you are in a weird relationship that you are not comfortable with, it is most likely because you didn't express what you wanted out of that relationship. Be clear and concise, and if it is not what they want then move on or figure out some boundaries that you both want to adhere to.

"Talking" isn't some trendy word that teenagers made popular — it's an actual thing you need to do if you want to get to know someone and pursue a relationship with them.